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Monday March 1, 2021

Antarctica … a huge mountain the size of Paris separated from the rest of the ice mass

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A huge mountain in Antarctica separates from the rest of the ice mass

British scientists announced that An iceberg Huge in Antarctica, separated from the rest of the ice mass, Friday.

According to Agence France-Presse, the size of the glacier is equivalent to Paris or London, and it is located near a British research station.

Members of the British Antarctic Research Station were pushed away from the area before the iceberg broke apart

In the context, the British Antarctic Survey, the British Council for Research on Polar Regions, stated that the accident did not pose a threat to anyone’s life, as the 12 people who were in the British Haley 7 station located less than twenty kilometers from the place of fracture in Antarctica, They were removed from the area by air in the middle of this month.

“Our teams have been preparing for years for the separation of an iceberg from the Brunt ice platform, while working teams daily monitor the status of the cracks thanks to an automated network of high-precision GPS tools around the station,” said Authority Director Jane Francis.

The United Nations expects a new high in temperature until 2024

The United Nations projected that the average global temperature in each of the years of the 2020-2024 period will be at least 1 ° C higher than it was before the industrial era. And new climate forecasts issued by the World Meteorological Organization show that almost all regions, except for some sectors in the Southern Oceans, will record temperatures higher than current levels.

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