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Thursday January 14, 2021

Ansar Allah: Those who bet Trump must hurry to stop the aggression on Yemen

World – Yemen

Abd al-Salam said in a tweet on his Twitter account at dawn today, Thursday, that “the aggressor countries on Yemen must stop the aggression and lift the siege in a comprehensive manner, and there is no place for half-solutions.”

It is noteworthy that “the aggression that has been going on for about 6 years and the unjust blockade would not have been loyal to American support and cover, especially during the period of Trump’s presidency, which reassured and encouraged the countries of aggression, chiefly the Saudi and Emirati regimes, to continue their criminal war on Yemen, on land and humans.”

Today, the US House of Representatives voted to approve the procedures for removing outgoing President Trump, and approved the indictment against him.

He supported 232 lawmakers in the House of Representatives, including 10 Republicans and 222 Democrats, in favor of impeaching Trump, compared to 197 lawmakers’ rejection.

Trump thus became the first president in US history to face impeachment twice.

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