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Thursday September 17, 2020

Ansar Allah confirms its firm position on the Palestinian issue and rejects normalization

The World – Yemen

In a statement to Al Masirah TV, Abdel Salam explained that the Palestinian issue is an Arab and Islamic issue, which is the issue of the right to confront falsehood, and that no move towards the Zionist entity to recognize it can be accepted, pointing out that the meager presence in the ceremony of betrayal and brokenness of those who rushed towards normalization and declared betrayal was a propaganda act for the American and the Israeli. He pointed out that the current US administration made sure that the party was in preparation for the election campaign of US President Donald Trump.

He pointed out that the countries that moved towards “Israel” could not change anything on the reality, as they had given the Zionist entity everything during the secret normalization.

He pointed out that the Yemeni people were exposed to war because they faced the Israeli enemy entity with the situation at an early date, stressing that there is a great participation of the Israeli enemy in most of the region’s files, including the aggression on Yemen.

He stressed that the duty at this stage should be strong and clear, because it represents a blatant exposure to the Israeli enemy and the United States, especially the regimes that have announced normalization, explaining that conscious action at the media and political level is required in the face of political immorality and cheap and humiliating selling, and the brothers in Palestine are interested in realizing Betting on these systems is a bad bet.

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Abd al-Salam said: The countries that were increasing against the Palestinians and the peoples of the region in the name of Arabism are now turning to the Zionist embrace, stressing that the real bet is to rely on God and work with the peoples of the region and the free and honorable countries that have a clear, supportive and supportive position for the Palestinian cause.

He added, among the politicians of the printed countries that he was patient for 30 years for the sake of Palestine, for he was in fact not in any battle with the Israeli enemy, and he continued, saying, “We do not consider the issue of normalization with the Zionist enemy subject to political interests, but rather a religious and ethical issue in front of a usurping entity that has expelled and displaced The people of Palestine and its prisons are thousands of Palestinians.

He addressed the printed regimes with the Zionist enemy: Today you are with the Zionist entity, and you are now against the nation and its cause, and this is complete bias with the enemy against its causes.

He praised the widespread public condemnation coinciding with open betrayals, which confirms that the Palestinian cause is alive in the hearts of the peoples, stressing that the positions in which the peoples move will remain, and no party will be able to make the usurped permissible and the evil one known, and our position is in the right direction by all considerations.

He explained that the Zionist entity will not stop as it did not stop before at limited areas in Palestine, but rather penetrated more because it is a usurper entity that occupies the sanctities of the nation and displaced the people of Palestine.

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He stressed that the aggression against Yemen is in the context of the battle with the Zionist enemy after standing firmly with the nation’s issues and refusing to be subordinate, and the aggressor countries tried to give it the cover of Arabism and an internal problem .. adding: If we accept a small part of the demands of Israel and America, they would trample on the demands of those who still attack To Yemen in shoes.

He pointed out that it is false and misleading that they are promoting an agreement with the enemy for the sake of peace and stability in the region at a time when they are fighting wars in the region in return, most notably the aggression against Yemen in which they are united with the Zionist enemy, pointing out that those who have expressed their keenness on an alleged peace with “Israel” With whom they have no war, they did not go for peace and stability in Yemen.

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