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Thursday October 1, 2020

Announcing free PS games for October

Playstation today announced the free PS games for the current month of October, these games are the games that will be released for free to subscribers of Playstation Plus services that guarantee users to play multiplayer within its services.

Usually, Sony announces these games on the first Wednesday of every month or the last Wednesday before the new month, and this coincides with our time today.

As for the free ps games that were announced, they are two games as usual:
  • Need For Speed ​​Payback
  • Vampyr

Need For Speed ​​Payback was released in 2017 and is the latest installment in the beloved series of motorsports, which has had a massive audience and critical acclaim.

Vampyr is an RPG from the well-known development studio Dontnod for Life is Strange and is a very popular story game.

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The game appreciates a style of play that depends heavily on the karma and the moral and actual consequence of your actions with the environment around you, you can think of this game as a kind of culthit, as it was able to gather a group of lovers around it and keep its own place.

Announcing free PS games for October 1

As for Saudi Playstation Plus account holders, their free PS games will be Need For Speed ​​and Shater 2 or Knack 2, which is one of the games aimed at the younger audience and is a nice adventure game with a range of different gameplay methods.

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