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Tuesday February 23, 2021

Animals elected to occupy positions in place of humans

According to historian Suetonius in The Lives of the Twelve Caesars (you can download it from HereThe Roman Emperor Caligula had planned to make his favorite horse Encetatus a priest.

Animals elected to occupy positions in place of humans

It is true that this strange idea of ​​its kind ended with the stabbing of the horse to death by some of the conspirators, but the idea did not die with many dogs, goats, rhinos, mules and others running for many positions, and some have already won.

Brazilians nominate Ioiô goat for the position of city councilor

In the 1920s, disaffected locals in Fortaleza, Brazil, decided to nominate a goat owned by someone there called Ioiô, in order to be a city councilor expressing their discontent with the human candidates who were not offering them anything, according to the site. Mentalfloss.

Although the election authority did not accept the nomination of the goats, many people registered his name on the ballot paper, and unfortunately these votes were not taken into account.

Nevertheless, the goat was a celebrity in Brazil until his death in 1931.

Pexels / goats

Republicans in America elect a mule

In 1938, the Republicans in Milton, Washington, USA, inadvertently elected a mule named Boston Curtis to be a new member of the city’s board of directors.

The ruse was the idea of ​​Milton Democratic Mayor Kenneth Simmons, whose goal was twofold: first, to embarrass Republicans and make a statement about the inefficiency of the statute, and second, with no other names put forth, Simmons scored a mule named Boston Curtis to fill the vacant Republican position.

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Although nothing was known about this mysterious candidate, Republican voters elected Boston Curtis by 51 votes, just because he was a Republican.

When the election results were announced, Milton residents realized that they had elected a brown long-eared mule as a new member of the committee. After the ruse was exposed, the mule was returned to the barn again.

Pexels / Republican voters elected Boston Curtis by 51 votes, just because he was a Republican.
Pexels / Republican voters elected Boston Curtis by 51 votes, just because he was a Republican.

Rhino wins the position of a member of the Council of Sao Paulo, Brazil

In 1959, a 4-year-old female rhino named Cácarico was peacefully taking care of her own affairs at the Zoo in São Paulo, Brazil, until someone decided to present her as a candidate running against 540 other candidates in the city’s election board.

People there viewed all the candidates as corrupt or unfit for the office, and the idea spread, which was well received by the townspeople.

Indeed, after the end of the elections, the rhino won by an overwhelming majority, after its name was written on about 100,000 ballot papers, while its closest human competitor received only 10,000 votes.

Although election officials rejected her nomination, voters made their point, and her name, “Cacareco Vote,” is still used to this day to express voting protests.

Wikimedia / Cacarico skull at Sao Paulo Zoo.
Wikimedia / Cacarico skull at Sao Paulo Zoo.

Gorilla running for the US presidency

The Colossus gorilla was one of the largest gorillas that was ever captured, and lived on a wild animal farm in New Hampshire, USA.

And since New Hampshire has the least stringent requirements among other states, park officials decided to nominate her to run in the 1980 presidential primary.

The farm management justified while filling out nomination papers in the State Department that the Constitution did not specifically state that the presidential candidate should be human only, and that the gorillas had fulfilled all the requirements from age to birth on American soil.

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Although the gorilla did not make it to the White House, its name was included in a series of primary presidential trading cards authorized by the state office, along with other names such as George W. Bush, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton.

Pexels / Gorilla to run for US presidency
Pexels / Gorilla to run for US presidency

Goat and dog win the independent New Zealand Republic presidential election

In 1989, the town of Wangamomona declared its individual independence from New Zealand, and elected Ian Kistrup as its president after putting his name on the ballot paper without his knowledge.

Kestrup served a ten-year term, before retiring to be nominated for the post by Billy Gambot, which won by an overwhelming majority in 1999, although some residents speculated that the goats ate other competitors’ ballot papers in order to win.

Bailey remained in her position for 18 months until her death.

In 2003, the next inhuman president of the republic was voted on, as the Tay dog, a Poodle, was elected before being attacked by another Mastiff dog, which some residents considered was a political assassination attempt.

Although Tai survived, he was subsequently dismissed, arguing that he was unfit to serve.

At the moment, a human named John Hurley has held the presidency since 2017, despite his opposition from a bear, a sheep and a parrot.

A bad-tempered chimpanzee running for mayor in Rio de Janeiro

Macako Tiaos, a bad-tempered chimpanzee, lived in a zoo in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro from 1963 to 1996.

Although Makako’s nature is cruel, and he likes to provoke visitors, he was loved by employees and visitors alike, and people loved him more after he threw his excrement at the politicians who visited the park, and he became the talk of newspapers.

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And in 1988, violent chimpanzees rose in popularity again, when he entered the Brazilian anti-state banana party, was nominated for mayor of Rio de Janeiro, and won 400,000 votes that put him in third place.

Wikimedia / Statue of Makako Tiao in the Zoo in Rio de Janeiro.
Wikimedia / Statue of Makako Tiao in the Zoo in Rio de Janeiro.

The cat who divided the opposition in Mexico

In 2013, two university graduates were following up on the candidates for mayor of Xalapa, and decided that a cat was called Morris It will be a suitable alternative for the candidates.

Indeed, the new candidate quickly became popular on the Internet, receiving 12,000 votes, and placing him fourth out of 11 candidates.

Some critics have argued that Morris divided the opposition vote, awarding the victory to the powerful ruling party in Mexico, but the campaign team rejected the order, saying: simple cat or split opposition?

The cat who destroyed its candidates at an incredible rate

After a series of high-profile corruption cases, residents of the Siberian city of Barnaul were tired of their mayoral candidates, so in 2015 they decided to vote for a cat called Parsec.

In an unofficial poll, the cat destroyed 6 human candidates, winning 91.2% of the 5,400 cast.

The protest vote was a resounding success, but unfortunately Parsec was not registered as an official candidate for mayor, and thus was unable to assume the position.

Lincoln .. Goat becomes America’s first honorary mayor of animals

In 2019, a 3-year-old Nubian goat named Lincoln became an honorary mayor of the small town of Fairhaven in Vermont, New England state in the USA, the goats defeated rival cats and dogs and a jerboa named Crystal.

Despite relieving himself on the inaugural podium directly in front of the public, Lincoln continued to have a successful year as mayor.

The cat is a henchman fights for the position of mayor of a German city

In the year 2021, the owner of a cat named Kvarke decided to nominate him to become the new mayor of the small German town of Damien, but the city’s authorities have so far refused his candidacy application.

The authorities justified the rejection of the application because the cat is an infidel who does not meet the conditions for candidacy, as well as that the candidate’s signature is not present on the form, and also that he did not meet the specified age, which is 18 years, while the cat’s age is only 6 years.

On the one hand, the cat’s owner intends to resort to the courts, according to a newspaper, a newspaper website Die Welt German.

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