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Friday January 10, 2020

Ancient Maya palace

Archaeologists in Mexico have discovered the remains of a huge Mayan Palace, estimated to be more than 1,000 years old. The Mayan Palace is located in the Mexican city of Coluba, about 100 miles west of Cancun. The building itself is 180 feet, 49 feet high and 19 feet high, according to an announcement issued. For the Mexican National Institute of Anthropology and History.

A brief history of the Mayan Palace

According to Alfredo Parreira Rubio, a prominent archaeologist at the Mexican Archaeological Site, where he says they know very little about the architectural characteristics of this region located in the northeast of Yucatán, one of our main goals as well as protecting and restoring the heritage has been in use during the two Mayan civilizations. The cultural is the study of architecture of Culopa and the ancient Mayan Palace.

Maya scholars have always been fascinated by the people who have built one of the most advanced civilizations over thousands of years, and this Maya Palace is the latest of many unique discoveries relating to Maya throughout Central America in recent years.

Experts had previously discovered a tool that Mayan salt workers had used for over 1,000 years, that was made in the style of chisel made of metal, and an ancient mask depicting a Mayan king of the seventh century was also discovered in southern Mexico.

Description of the Mayan Palace

The Mayas built one of the most civilizations in history, which came with remarkable architecture and craftsmanship that are still incredible to this day, and now researchers have found one of the most amazing examples of that craftsmanship in modern memory, as archaeologists in Mexico have found the remains of the Mayan Palace that He is more than 1,000 years old in an old city west of Cancun.

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The palace is located in Coluba, and is part of a vast complex that also includes an altar, a large circular oven and two apartment rooms, as well as human remains from the burial site. The stunning building is 19 feet high, 49 feet wide, and extends 180 feet.

The prominent archaeologist Alfredo Parreira Rubio believes that the palace was used during two Mayan civilizations, which is the late Classical period between 600 and 900 AD, and the terminal classic between 850 and 1050 AD but there is still much to uncover.

Dr. Alfredo said that they know little about the architectural characteristics of this region, northeastern Yucatán, so one of their main goals is to protect and restore cultural heritage and study architecture in Culoba.

Experts are now hoping that the forensic analysis of discovered human remains will lead to data that can increase the context of these discoveries, and they hope to determine the gender, age, diseases, and nutritional habits of the Mayan population of Coluba.

At the same time, the researchers will search to find out more about the structure itself, and at the moment the experts are confident that this palace was used by priests and government officials during the two covenants mentioned above, and they reached at least one wonderful result as the building was built to resemble a giant snake, This is because the ends of this palace give the impression that it is the balance of a snake, and this is known because the stone inscriptions found at the end of this palace resemble the jaws of the earth’s monster, which is the snake.

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