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Saturday January 16, 2021

An Israeli diplomat: The Palestinian issue is rarely raised in talks with the printing press

The World – Palestine

The site pointed out that Benjamin’s statements were received during a briefing by research institutes and media activists in support of “Israel”, where he also confirmed that parts of the staff of the new US President Joe Biden conveyed messages to Tel Aviv stating that they are interested in continuing the process of normalization between the occupation and Arab countries in the region.

The Israeli diplomat said that it is not possible to go back to the relations that have been formed between “Israel” and Arab countries in recent months, explaining at the same time that “the new administration in the United States has many issues on the table before it engages in Tel Aviv, but we are in contact. With the Biden team, what we heard is that they are with the path of normalization, and that they are ready to complete it, and we will work with them on that.

He also said in his briefing that his country continues to communicate with additional countries in North Africa and in the (Persian) Gulf to push for additional normalization agreements … and “I expect other countries to join, it is not known if this will happen within weeks or months, but there will be. More”.

According to his statements, a staff from the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs is present these days in the United Arab Emirates to proceed with the opening of the embassy in Abu Dhabi and the consulate in Dubai, and in return he indicated that an official Emirati delegation will visit Israel soon, specifically with the end of the closure of the entity due to the outbreak of a pandemic ( Corona), with the aim of opening the Emirati embassy in Tel Aviv.

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In the context of his speech, the Israeli official pointed out that a series of visits by a number of high-ranking figures were being delayed due to the outbreak of the Corona epidemic and the closure that was imposed, explaining that “the Bahraini Minister of Trade and Tourism was supposed to arrive in Tel Aviv at the end of last week at the head of a trade delegation and his visit was postponed. Because of the shutdown.

The Hebrew website also quoted Benjamin as saying that there would have been visits by Israeli President Reuven Rivlin, Prime Minister Netanyahu and Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi to the UAE and Bahrain, stressing that these visits are still on the table and will take place, but the Coronavirus epidemic and the second party cannot be underestimated. He is well aware of this, and that is the only reason he is preventing such visits, he said.

And Netanyahu had twice announced the postponement of his visit to the Emirates without clarifying his office explaining the reason behind this step, and the Israeli diplomat came to reveal the real reason related to Corona only, to confirm that there are no “differences” between the two parties.

* Opinion of the day / Zuhair Andrews

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