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Sunday January 19, 2020

An investigation into the causes of a fire at a famous Parisian restaurant frequented by President Macron

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French police are investigating the causes of a fire on Friday night in the famous Paris restaurant “La Rotond”, which is frequented by President Emmanuel Macron, who faces a massive protest movement against the backdrop of the pension reform project. Friday evening, dozens of protesters tried to storm the “Beau de Nord” theater in Paris, as Macron was attending a show accompanied by his wife Brigitte.

French police launched an investigation into the outbreak of a fire on Friday night in a famous Parisian restaurant frequented by the President Emmanuel Macron, And your target Social movement Against the amendment of the country’s pension systems.

The police reported that the alarm rang around 5 am in the restaurant “La Rotond” located in the Montparnasse district of Paris. On their arrival, the police officers detected the start of a fire on the closed balcony.

President Macron previously held a dinner in this restaurant with his supporters and friends to celebrate his transition to the second round of the presidential elections that took place in 2017.

A well-informed source indicated that “the preliminary investigations are heading to the premise of deliberate action.” Judicial sources close to the investigation also stated that what supports this hypothesis is that the Central Police Laboratory found fuel effects in the place.

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Another attempt to set fire to a building outside the building on January 9 failed.

Right-wing candidate for the municipal elections in March in Paris, Rachida Dati, expressed “concern about the escalation and extremism of violence that is spreading in our country.”

The “Beau de Nord” theater incident !!

Dozens of protesters gathered on Friday evening in front of the “Beau de Nord” theater in Paris where Macron was attending a show and tried to enter it, but the security forces confronted them. The Paris Police Service confirmed that the demonstrators were unable to enter.

“What happened in Beauveau-de-Nord is unacceptable. When we seek to prejudice the president, we seek to harm the institution,” said Rep. Celia de laverne, a spokeswoman for the ruling party, “The Republic Forward.”

Macron, who loves to go out secretly in Paris, left for a restaurant or theater, with a car, at about 22:00 (21:00 GMT), under police escort.


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