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Thursday January 14, 2021

An emergency meeting of the Health Organization as mutated copies of the Corona virus spread

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The virus re-appeared in China after the pandemic was widely contained in the past, with the first death recorded in it today since last May.

The mutated versions of the emerging corona virus are highly contagious, especially the British and South African ones, and are spreading rapidly around the world. The number of countries in which the modified British version is spread has reached 50 countries, while the South African version is present in 20 countries, according to the World Health Organization, which indicated that the number may be higher.

A third version, originating in the Brazilian Amazon, is being analyzed, and Japan announced its monitoring on Sunday and may affect the immune response to what the organization said, which spoke about a “disturbing version.”

The organization’s expert committee, which usually meets every three months, two weeks before its meeting, has been summoned to discuss, in particular, these mutated versions that require “a quick discussion.” Recommendations for the World Health Organization and the member states will be issued at the conclusion of Thursday’s meeting, according to a WHO statement published in Geneva.

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