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Sunday July 19, 2020

An electronic application that combats bullying and provocative messages

Researchers from Ashton University in the British city of Birmingham have created an electronic application that uses artificial intelligence techniques to combat bullying online.
The website “Medical Press” specialized in the field of scientific research stated that the new application has the name “Ball Stop”, and it can be downloaded and integrated directly into social media applications to protect users from bullying and provocative messages.

This app was developed by Simiu Sallawi, a researcher who specializes in the field of engineering and physical science, and it mainly aims to protect users from adolescents aged 13 years or over.

This application benefits users of social networking applications such as Twitter, who are often subject to provocative messages and bullying activities across the Internet, especially after the closure to combat the Corona pandemic has led many to the Internet, as a means of social communication and the passage of time.

The “Paul Stop” application is distinguished by its ability to follow the activities of the user on social media, and to conduct continuous surveys in search of offensive messages to ensure that the user does not experience this type of message, and it also monitors the posts written by the user himself to ensure that it does not contain any phrases Or offensive language.

The application works by means of an algorithmic formula that can understand and analyze the written language in order to monitor any offensive content.

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