Multiplication table

The multiplication table is considered a mathematical table as a part of arithmetic on which arithmetic operations are built according to the decimal number system, and multiplication is a cumulative summation of the numbers to be found, in other words, the product of the number 5 and the number 2 is the sum of the number five twice, and it is worth mentioning that the multiplication table The child learns it in the early academic stages of his life in school after learning numbers and the operations of addition and subtraction between them, which means the necessity of memorizing it and making it easier for the child.[1]

Easy ways to memorize the multiplication table

There are many vital, easy and enjoyable ways for a child to facilitate the process of memorizing the multiplication table, as science in childhood is known as engraving in stone, and the following summarizes some of the methods that alleviate the suffering of parents and school teachers when teaching this table:[2]

  • Allocate a time not less than half an hour per day for each number separately, as it is not permissible to confuse all the numbers and force the child to memorize them once.
  • Start by teaching the child the multiplication table from number 1 to number 5 only; Because the multiplication process after that is commutative, for example, the product of the number 5 and the number 9 is the product of the number 9 multiplied by the number 5 itself.
  • Writing the multiplication table for each number on a board of a certain color, in other words, the multiplication table for the number 2 is written on a red cardboard, and the table for the number 3 on a green cardboard, and so on, which facilitates the process of memorizing for the child.
  • Teaching the child to use the fingers of his hands and the fingers of the teacher or mother’s hand at the beginning, and this is a kind of simplification and practical application as well, away from memorizing the fingerprint, especially since the multiplication process at the end is a repetition of the addition.

Basic rules of multiplication

The child must be given fixed rules of unchangeable axioms, which will make it easier for him to memorize multiplication operations. Examples of these rules are the following:[3]

  • The product of any number with zero is zero.
  • The product of any number with one keeps the multiplied number the same.
  • The product of any number multiplied by ten is equal to the number itself with a zero added to the left of the multiplied number.
  • The product of multiplying any number with the number 2 is equal to the sum of the seminal number multiplied by two times, meaning the product of multiplying the number 3 with the number 2 is equal to the sum of the number 3 twice, and the result is the number 6 in both cases.
  • Multiplying a negative number with a positive result is always negative.
  • Multiplying a negative number with a negative is always positive.

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An easy way to memorize the entire multiplication table

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