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Thursday February 25, 2021

An American killed 3 people and cooked one of them with potatoes

Lawrence Paul Anderson, 42, and the convict several times, who previously said he suffers from bipolar disorder, admitted that he killed his uncle, the daughter of the latter and one of their neighbors, and also injured his uncle’s wife on February 9 in Chickasha near Oklahoma City, police said. In a statement.

Anderson initially killed neighbor Andrea Lynn Blancenchi, cutting her heart before heading to his uncle Leon Bay to cook the heart and present it to him, his wife and their daughter during a visit during the day, according to The Oklahoman newspaper and a local TV channel.

The search warrant request submitted by the police to the judiciary stated that the suspect “brought the heart and cooked it with potatoes to present to the family to release the monsters” that inhabit him, according to the newspaper.

After the family refused to eat the heart, Anderson stabbed them, killing his uncle and wounding the latter’s wife and their daughter, but the latter soon passed away in the ambulance affected by her injury, according to what was reported, “AFP”.

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