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Tuesday January 19, 2021

An American action against the Razawi threshold reveals Washington’s hostility to the monotheistic religions

The World – Bahrain

And he said in a statement on Saturday, January 16, 2021, that this blatant and foolish step crowned the failed US administration headed by Trump, who is politically, popularly and internationally isolated, and expressed his loss, stressing that it would only result in more steadfastness and generosity in the service of millions of visitors to this threshold. The holy city of Mashhad from all over the world.

He emphasized that the ongoing US retaliatory sanctions against the people of Iraq and its security institutions, which affected the Chief of Staff of the Popular Mobilization Authority, “Hajj Abdul Aziz Al-Muhammadawi (Abu Fadak)”, by placing him on its recent sanctions lists after the mujahid “Faleh Al-Fayyad”, are lists rejected by all free people of the world.

The February 14 Coalition stressed its condemnation of these clumsy US violations against the Iranian and Iraqi peoples, their institutions and their honorable individuals, adding, “We confirm from our dear Bahrain, the oppressed and patient, that we stand by them with what they represent for us in terms of geographical and religious depth and a common destiny in the face of the American occupation project and the destruction of all our region. Mujahid Sharif was included on the US list of unjust sanctions, and for all those in charge of sacred religious institutions.

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