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Thursday February 25, 2021

An advertising campaign to encourage Americans to receive the Corona vaccine

The advertising industry says the campaign is one of the largest public awareness efforts in US history, with ads running on television, radio, websites and social media.

The advertising campaign will include more than $ 500 million in donated talent and media, and will change slowly, to show the variation and difference of people who qualify for the vaccine and the questions they have.

PJ Pereira, one of the founders of the “Pereira Odile” advertising agency, which volunteered its services for the campaign, said it “is not only the most important campaign for our generation, but also the largest.”

The campaign is based mainly on reminding Americans of all that they missed in life before the pandemic, from hugs, going to places of worship, family gatherings, hanging out with friends, and important information explaining how a vaccine can return everything.

The effort by a non-profit organization, called the “Advertising Board,” includes a website,, that includes answers to common questions about vaccination.

“The problem is the biggest in our lives,” said President and CEO of the Advertising Board, Lisa Sherman, in a statement. We are on it this year. “

And a survey conducted by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “CDC” in December, found that only about half of adults under the age of 65 said they were “very sure” or “very likely” to be vaccinated.

Since then, surveys conducted by the research firm Civex have found that many doubts about a Covid-19 vaccination remain, with nearly 40 percent of Republicans saying they have not planned to get a vaccine.

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Experts also warned that African Americans, and others, may need additional persuasion to overcome the mistrust that stems from past examples of abuse.

Public advertising campaign organizers say the goal is to listen to concerns and provide information for people to make informed, informed choices.

This effort will be separate from the awareness campaign, which the administration of US President Joe Biden plans to announce next month with a similar goal. It is to vaccinate enough people to reach herd immunity and end the epidemic.

The campaign slogan will be “It’s up to you”, and the purpose is to give people a choice between receiving the vaccination and the responsibility they might feel if they did not.

An ad titled “How it got started” shows black and white pictures of people who think deeply. “You have questions, that’s normal,” he says. Then he adds, “The truth is that vaccines are safe and effective, and they’ll save lives.”

Another advertisement focuses on black church members, addressing viewers, and saying, “Now is the time to take the first step that allows us to return to spread the word, without spreading anxiety.”

Lisa Sherman said that accepting the vaccination more broadly, “will enable us to return to the moments we all miss, and save lives.”

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