It is known that the first destination for patients is the hospitals of America. Learn about the best hospitals in America, which differ in their specialties and on what basis the hospitals are evaluated in addition to a list of the best hospitals that you will find in this report.

In the United States of America there are currently approximately 7308 active hospitals, these hospitals are managed by 40 different sources, public, private and owned.

The first hospital in the United States of America was officially opened in 1736, which is Bellevue Hospital, after which the United States witnessed a remarkable increase in the number of hospitals, and this was due to several factors, the most important of which were the increase in population, the prosperity of the economic situation, competition, the integration of industry, the development of science and What has been achieved in the medical field.

Between August 2020 and March 2022 the number of hospitals in the USA increased by 61, due to the consolidation of the industry, through mergers and acquisitions in the field of healthcare.

America’s Best Hospitals

America's Best Hospitals

Hospitals in America are among the best hospitals around the world. Hospital evaluations in the United States are related to several factors, including survival rates, quality of nursing, and patient management.

Rochester, Minnesota, is ranked number one in the United States by rankings, and the Cleveland Clinic is number two.

Types of Hospitals in America

There are nine different types of hospitals in the United States of America, which are:

1- Children’s Hospitals

It provides care to patients under the age of 18, accounting for 3.6% of hospitals in the United States.

2- Critical Access Hospitals

It is to help in cases of financial weakness and to support rural hospitals, which have 25 beds or less, and are 35 miles from another hospital. The rate of this type of hospital is 18.5%.

3- Ministry of Defense hospitals

Provides care to military service members, including members of the Army, Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard, and their families. Its ratio is 0.5%.

4- acute care hospitals

And for cases that require a long-term stay, about 25 days or more, they provide acute care services, including head injuries and respiratory problems, the percentage of this type of hospital is 5.4%.

5- Psychiatric hospitals

It provides services to mental illness patients around the clock and under the supervision of a physician, accounting for 11% of all hospitals in the United States.

6- Rehabilitation hospitals

It specializes in restoring the functional abilities of patients through treatment programs. It is about 5.5%.

7- Non-medical health care institutions

It is religiously oriented, providing its services 24 hours a day for people who need care in a hospital or any medical center, the percentage of this type of hospital is 0.2%.

8- Short-term acute care hospitals

It follows the traditional hospital model, where the patient receives short-term medical care, whether emergency, non-urgent, or any other condition, with a rate of 53.1%.

9- Veterans Hospitals

Virginia hospitals are run by the Veterans Administration and funded by the federal government, and they care for retired military personnel, the rate is 2.2%.

Short-term acute care hospitals are the most common type of hospital in the United States of America, as they constitute more than half of the hospitals, and critical care hospitals are ranked second with more than 1,300 hospitals nationwide.

As for critical access hospitals, they are spread in rural areas that lack services.

How is the performance of hospitals in America evaluated?

America's Best Hospitals

Several factors control the evaluation of the hospital’s performance, which we will mention as follows:

1- The size of the hospital

As the large size of the hospital allows to increase the number of beds, receive a larger number of patients, and be able to accommodate many specialties, such as the mayo clinic, which has many specialties in the United States.

2- Certificates

Doctors’ certificates and their distinction play a big role in the hospital’s performance, as many patients may rely on a particular hospital to follow up treatment with a doctor they trust.

3- The type of financing

Some hospitals in the United States support the health insurance system, and some are private hospitals, so we find hospitals that contract with health insurance companies a destination for Americans registered in health insurance.

4- Specialization

Where there are specialties that are required and rare, and some hospitals may provide them more than others.

5- Local population density

Population plays an important role in the work of hospitals, as the number of patients increases significantly in crowded areas, while it is few in rural areas.

Top 20 Hospitals in the USA

America's Best Hospitals

The 2022 rankings showed the best hospitals in the United States of America, we will mention them below:

1- Rochester, Minn., at mayo clinic.

2- UCLA Medical Center, Los Angeles.

3- Cleveland, Clinic.

4- Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore.

5- Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles.

6- Massachusetts General Hospital.

7- New York Presbyterian Hospital, New York City.

8- Ucsf Medical Center, San Francisco.

9- University of Michigan Hospitals, Ann Arbor, Michigan.

10- Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Chicago.

11- Stanford Healthcare, Stanford Hospital, California.

12- University of Pennsylvania Hospitals, Penn Presbyterian, Philadelphia.

13- mayo clinic

14- Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston.

15- Houston Methodist Hospital.

16- Mount Sinai Hospital, New York.

17- Barnes Jewish Hospital, St. Louis.

18- Racine University Medical Center, Chicago.

19- Vander Bellet University Medical Center, Nashville, Tennessee.

20- New York City Hospitals Nyu longone.

The best specialized hospitals in America

The United States of America supports all medical specialties, including support for scientific research and provision of capabilities for this, such as hospitals and health care places. In addition to health education, we will mention in the following the most important hospitals for each of the specialties:

1- Cancer: Anderson Cancer Center, University of Texas, Houston.

2- Diabetes and Endocrinology: Mayo Clinic Rochester, Minnesota.

3- Cardiac diseases and surgery: Cleveland Clinic is the first in the treatment of heart diseases and heart surgery.

4- Ear, Nose and Throat: Memorial Sloan Kettering Center, New York.

5- Geriatrics: Mount Sinai Hospital, New York City.

6- Gastrointestinal Medicine and Surgery: Mayo Clinic Rochester, Minnesota.

7- Gynecology: mayo clinic Rochester, Minnesota.

8- Ophthalmology: Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, Miami.

9- Neurosurgery: UCSF medical center, San Francisco.

10- Orthopedics: Hospital for Special Surgery, New York City.

11- Pulmonary Medicine and Surgery: Mayo Clinic Rochester, Minnesota.

12- Psychiatry: Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore.

13- Rheumatology: Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore.

14- Urology: mayo clinic Rochester, Minnesota.

15- Rehabilitation: The Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago.

covid-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to the temporary closure of many hospitals in the United States and the suspension of their operations, including surgeries and other services. These hospitals gradually returned and resumed their work in 2021.

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