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Monday June 1, 2020

America without a leader … the end of the American dream

The World – The Americans

Massimo Gadgeti said in an analytical article that the United States is reflected in two contradictory images: in the sky it is a country of technology, successful businessmen and astronauts, and on the ground a social fabric suddenly torn apart by the growing social differences that polarization policies have turned into tribal and ethnic wars.

The writer added that this contrast between the capsule images that reach the International Space Station and the images of dozens of burning American cities is the vulgar but typical metaphor for America today: economically dynamic and a pioneer in innovation, but unable to regulate the mechanisms of distributing wealth, which raises despair in the future in the hearts of Many.

For example, the writer noted that in 2016 the wrath of poor white Americans resulted in the arrival of a populist and nationalist president to the White House, Donald Trump, and in 2020 the killing of three blacks by the police sparked widespread anger in the country.

Meanwhile, the situation was exacerbated by the Corona virus, which caused the deaths of more than 100,000 black and white people and the loss of forty million jobs.

The end of the American dream

According to the author, after many years of talking about the end of the American dream and the risks associated with faltering social promotion mechanisms, this has now become a tragic and tangible reality, noting that in the past there were credible and attractive leaders in the country who were able to turn the protest into movements like those of civil rights.

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Today, the writer adds, everything has become more complicated for several reasons, including the absence of charismatic leaders and figures – such as Barack Obama – whose primary concern is responding to people who have been disappointed by decades of failed promises, and the absence of political movements able to contain the growing protests, both on digital platforms. Or on the street.

The writer concludes that in the current situation, President Donald Trump does not appear to be looking for a solution but rather prefers to play with fire, as he warned the protesters that if they approached the White House they would shoot them with ferocious dogs to ransack them and give the police orders to shoot them.

For African Americans, President Trump is seeking confrontation and thus loyal to the genes of white Americans and prefers conflict over dialogue, and he did so with a tweet on Twitter calling to counter what he called the rebellious left’s demonstrations.

The writer concluded by asking: Are we going to reach the use of tanks? He replies by saying that, at the moment, the numbers indicate that the language of politics has retreated against the police in at least 13 states.

Source: Italian press

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