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Sunday July 12, 2020

America is on the throne of Coruna injuries, followed by Brazil and India

The world – the world

According to the university’s data, today, Sunday, the number of people who recovered from COFED 19 in the world was 7.005.452, while the number of deaths reached 565.178, while the number of cases in the world with the virus reached 12,720,028.

The virus has been detected in more than 210 countries and regions since it began appearing in China in December last year, while it topped United States List of deaths and injuries Recorded 134,659 deaths, three million and 262,964 injuries.

She came Brazil is in second place 71469 deaths, one million and 839,850 injuries.

And in Third place in terms of injuriesIndia came after it registered 820,916, but it ranked sixth in terms of deaths by 22,123 deaths.

She came Russia is in fourth place In the list of injuries, it recorded 720,547 injuries, but its deaths did not exceed 11,205 deaths.

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