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Friday November 27, 2020

Amazon workers are planning a strike in 15 countries, and the company is returning $ 300 per person

As usual, every year, Amazon these days is going through a busy season of orders in conjunction with holidays and holidays, and it is the opportunity that the company’s workers seize to draw attention to their demands and plan to launch a strike, which the company intends to stop through financial incentives.

And Amazon has allocated $ 500 million as additional bonuses to workers for the entire month of December. A full-time worker gets 300 dollars, while a part-time worker gets only 150 dollars.

Yesterday, Reuters reported that Amazon warehouse workers in 15 different countries are planning a strike campaign to protest poor working conditions, poor safety, and even salaries.

And last October, Amazon revealed that 20,000 of its employees had tested positive for the Coronavirus, and the company defends itself that it continues to improve security measures.

But Covid-19 is not the only risk that Amazon workers fear, but there are many work-related injuries that increase with rates of peak activity and demand days such as Prime Day and the weekend holidays.



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