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Friday May 22, 2020

Amazon Prime event postponed to next September (report)

A new report from the Wall Street Journal stated that Amazon will not launch its annual Amazon Prime event in its sixth edition until next September, a difference of nearly three months from what the company and the public are accustomed to with the reduction of Prime subscribers services.

The report attributed the trade giant’s resort to postpone the event due to the large amount of demand and pressure on the company’s warehouses to meet customer orders and shipments in light of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Where the American company witnessed an unprecedented demand for its marketing platform last March, which required it to employ 100,000 workers to compensate for the deficit in its warehouses and deliveries within the United States.

This came in light of the company’s work to restrict its cooperation with third-party selling companies by preventing their shipments from being temporarily sent to its warehouses in order to further control cleaning and disease prevention.

In spite of the company’s attempts in the area of ​​health safety and prevention of the virus during the last period, a large amount of criticism was exposed to how it managed the scene inside the warehouses with accusations of negligence and not tracking health protection methods.

Events developed in the corridors after that, and some employees who disagreed with the company’s policy in this regard were expelled, which led to Tim Bray, Vice President of Amazon Web Services, resigning in protest against the company’s behavior against these employees.

As for the postponement decision, Amazon did not comment on the report yet, as previously and happened with the Reuters report last April, in which it indicated a loss to the company that could reach $ 100 million during the event due to the postponement decision and the company having to make discounts on 5 million devices because of this.

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