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Thursday September 24, 2020

Amazon announces a cloud gaming service called Luna

Amazon announced its cloud gaming service called Luna, as part of its conference today devoted to unveiling new devices.

Rumors about this service had started to appear late last year.

The service will only be available on the computer, Mac, iPhone and iPad through web applications and Fire TV in principle, and there is no information about when it will be officially launched around the world. It will later launch a version of it via Android.

Currently the service will be available by submitting a request to users in America for early access to it.

Of course, the service is paid, as all companies do, and it will be currently charged $ 5.99 per month and allows playing across two devices together and provides 4K video quality at 60 frames per second in a number of games.

More than 100 games will be available at launch on the Luna + channel, including a group of big names such as Resident Evil 7, and more games will be added later.

Amazon has also signed an agreement with Ubisoft to launch a specialized games channel that players can subscribe to to access the company’s games in 4K quality and even play the latest games such as Assassins Creed Valhalla, Far Cry 6, on the day of its launch.

And the Amazon Games Cloud service integrates with the Twitch Broadcasting service, so that you can watch live broadcasts of third-party games through the service. It also supports playing via the keyboard and mouse or controlling an external hand that connects to bluetooth, costing $ 49.99 currently, and supports Alexa voice assistant and quick-response Wi-Fi connection.

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With the Luna service from Amazon, there is a new competitor to the Stadia service from Google and the Microsoft Xcloud service.



Amazon is announcing a cloud gaming service called Luna that first appeared on the tech world.

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