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Wednesday January 22, 2020

Aluminum interfaces intercourse

Aluminum interfaces are interchangeable or as they are called cladding facades, one of the best destinations that can be used in decoration. Aluminum is a lightweight metal, silvery white in the main group 13 of the periodic table, and aluminum is the most abundant mineral elements in the earth’s crust and the most used non-ferrous metals Because of its chemical activity, aluminum never occurs as a mineral in nature, but its compounds are found in almost all rocks, plants and animals.

Intercourse interfaces

Aluminum is concentrated in the outer shell that is 10 miles (16 km) from the Earth’s crust, which makes up about 8 percent of its weight, and the name aluminum is derived from the Latin word alumen, and aluminum occurs mainly in volcanic rocks, and crystalline aluminum oxide is extracted, which occurs In a few igneous rocks as a natural abrasive, aluminum is also present in precious stones such as topaz, agate, and chrysopril [1] .

Windows interchange

The investment boards are designed to be installed directly on the wall structure, and the panels stand up to all forces and difficult weather factors, but the dimensions and thickness of the panel must be reviewed by a specialist structural engineer to ensure that it meets all the necessary structural requirements, and the plate is stainless steel with rubber insulators [2] .

Facial glass panels

The structural glazing system called the fresche glass is a model of curtain wall systems, which is a practical and cost-effective alternative to architectural glass designs, and the structural glazing systems are made of glass that is attached or fixed to a structure, without the use of aluminum pressure plates or covers.

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Glass can consist of monolithic, laminated, double, or triple insulating glass units. These structural glass systems create greater transparency than conventional systems, and due to the lack of metal use in these facades the resulting glass appearance is smooth and smooth without many annoying metal spacers to the eye [3] .

The best types of glass and facades of villas

When you are looking to create full glass facades as part of the design in your villa, there are many options available, in most cases when designing a facade of glass you want large slate glass with few frames, and there are many facade systems available in the market, and all From them it varies greatly in terms of frame size, materials and design, and structural glass can be used as a great alternative to the traditional facade system, and you can use high-spec glass with delicate installation to create full heights of glass without a frame visible to the eye.

The IQ façade system for example contains only a 35 mm frame, and for glass units weighing 250 kg or less, their depth ranges between 70 and 55 mm, and heavy types are used for units weighing up to 400 kg and a depth of 130- 155mm, so the choice of type depends on the size of your façade.

The maximum size of the glass is determined by the weight of the glass, meaning that if triple glazing is used or if it is necessary to integrate thick laminated glass units, the maximum size of the glass that you can use is reduced, and when using a strong typical glass for a 6 mm double glazing unit , You will get a size of 8 square meters for a maximum standard depth width, or 12 square meters for a deeper width of 155mm. [4] .

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The difference between the skin and the securite

The securite is different from the scratcher, because the securite changes the properties of the glass because the glass is exposed to a process called secretion and change in temperature, in which the glass transforms from a thin, easy-to-break material to a safer solid.

Securit glass, flat or arched, is used in many fields, the most important of which are architectural projects, shower cabins, doors, storefronts, furniture and decor, balustrades, glass partitions and others.

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