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Thursday April 30, 2020

Alphintern tablets are antiinflammatory and swelling

Alphintern Tablet is an antiinflammatory. It is used to reduce swelling and treat infections, especially those that result from sudden accidents or occur due to bruising. It also works to break down proteins resulting from inflammation, and it is characterized by containing formulations that do not dissolve in stomach but dissolve in intestine, ensuring that re are no side effects on digestive system.

The effective formulation of phentern tablets (active substances)

Each tablet contains:

Chymotrypsin: 300 units.
Trypsin: 300 units.

The reasons for use of Phentern tablets

It is used in treatment of swelling and blood clusters resulting after bruising or surgeries.
• Reduces inflammation in body.
It is used to treat bruises.
It is used in treatment of pelvic infections.
Treatment of blood clusters.
Treatment of ovarian and fallopian tubes.
Retinitis treatment.
Treating sore throat, pharynx, throat, ear and sinus infections.
Treating complications of bone fractures.
Treating osteoarthritis.
Rheumatoid arthritis treatment.
Treating bronchial and lung infections.
• It is used after tooth extraction and treats infections of mouth, teeth and gums.
Treating breast infections.
• Treatment of corneal infections and is used after eye operations.

Contraindications to use of Phentern tablets

• You should avoid using this medicine for people who are hypersensitive to one of active substances.
• It should be used with caution during pregnancy or breastfeeding and under supervision of a healthcare professional.
• Do not use this medicine with people who suffer from kidney failure.
• Do not use this medicine with people with severe infections or cirrhosis.

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The dose of Phentrine tablets

Dosage for adults:

• Take 12 tablets 3 times a day, and dose may be increased according to doctor’s instructions.
• You must adhere to dose prescribed by attending physician.
• This medicine should be taken on an empty stomach (half an hour before eating).
• You can take antibiotic medications alongside phentrine to treat infections caused by bacterial and or infections.

Alvintern for children

Phentern tablets can be taken for children older than 8 years, only one tablet three times a day.
• In case of children under 8 years of age, a Maxillas syrup can be taken.

Phentern tablets before eating

• This medicine should be taken on an empty stomach.
• The medicine should be taken two hours after eating meal or half an hour before eating.
• The medicine is taken by swallowing without chewing with a glass of water.

Pharmacokinetics of Phentrine tablets

This medication can interact with some or medications, so doctor must be informed of all medications that are taken to prevent interactions between medications and some, determine appropriate dosages, and stop any type of medication if required.

Side effects (side effects) for valentine tablets

Some side effects and negative effects may occur as a result of using this medicine, including:
• rash on body and severe itching.
• Some swelling may occur in body due to severe allergic reactions due to components of medicine, in which case you must stop taking medicine and go to nearest hospital for treatment.
Stomach upset
Feeling of nausea and vomiting.
• If any of side effects occur as a result of using this medicine, you should immediately contact attending physician.

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Phentern and pregnancy

It is preferable to avoid all medications during first three months of pregnancy, and for Phentern tablets y should be used during pregnancy with caution and under supervision of a specialist doctor.

Phentermine and lactation

Phentermine is not taken during breastfeeding, except under supervision of a physician.

Phentern and macro

Phentermine should not be used with any condition with kidney failure or problems, as taking this medicine may lead to more complications.

Phentern for stomach

• This medicine is a stomachsoluble tablet in human body, so it is not harmful to stomach or than nonsteroidal pain relievers.
This medicine is absorbed through intestines in body, so it has no effect on stomach.
• This medicine is considered very safe for a large number of patients who have stomach problems.

Phentern for neuritis

• This medicine treats various inflammations in human body, including neuritis.
It also treats laryngitis and pharyngitis.

Disk saving method
• keep away from reach of children.
• Store at a temperature not exceeding 30 ° C.
• Keep away from heat and moisture, and in a dry place, away from sunlight.

The price of phentrine tablets

Phentern tablets are available in Egyptian market. Package price (3 strips: 10 strips each) 36 Egyptian pounds per package.

This medicine is available in pharmacies in form of tablets.

Drug producing company: This medicine is produced by Amon Pharmaceutical Company.

The Alternative Alternative

Phentern contains active substance trypsin and chymotrypsin and this substance is found in several or medicines. Here are alternatives to Alphintern:
• Ambezim
• AmbezimG
• Newbezim

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