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Friday January 17, 2020

Alphabet value exceeds a trillion dollars

Alphabet company joined the American Trillion Technical Club after its market value exceeded one trillion dollars yesterday, where one share was trading at 1,450.16 dollars.

This new record reached Alphabet after a month after Sundar Pichai was appointed as its CEO in addition to his position as CEO at Google, at the same time the founders of the company Larry Page and Sergey Brin ceded their administrative positions there as CEO and president of the company.

Alphabet company was established in 2015 as a holding company that owns several companies, including Google and others, separated from the Google umbrella to improve the efficiency of its management and operations. Alphabet excluding Google includes DeepMind companies for artificial intelligence, Fiber for Internet services, Nest for smart home devices and many other companies and projects.

After Alphabet, Facebook is expected to enter the trillion club, with a market value of 620 million dollars.

It is noteworthy that Microsoft, Amazon and Apple all have a market value of over $ 1 trillion each.

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