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Sunday January 17, 2021

Alienware M15 and Alienware M17 devices launch RTX 30 series

Alienware has introduced new versions of the Alienware M15 and Alienware M17 gaming devices with an upgrade in graphics cards that include the RTX 30 series.

The new Alienware gaming devices have recently launched with improvements in internal configurations, as it includes the Alienware M15 and Alienware M17 a new graphics card, with improvements in the performance of ray-tracing technology, the two devices also include a storage capacity of up to 4 TB, with improvements in the random memory that now offers up to speed To 2933MHz.

Alienware has taken new releases of gaming computers to upgrade internal configurations. While the company does not offer a change in the exterior design, Alienware is the thinnest gaming hardware.

Also, the new versions offer a particularly streamlined performance with the Alienware M17, which supports a 360Hz refresh rate at 1080p resolution, so this version will provide the best performance with the RTX 30 graphics upgrade.

The new Alienware M15 and Alienware M17 also come with an upgrade in HDMI 2.1 that allows users to play 4K games at 120Hz on the new TVs.

On the other hand, the devices include the tenth generation of the Intel processor series, which includes eight cores, and a new upgrade is expected to be launched with the launch of the 11th generation of the H series of Intel processors soon.

Alienware also presented the special edition of the Aurora Ryzen R10 desktop computer, as this version includes the new Ryzen 5000 processor with 16 cores, and this version is launched with a modern, circular design that simulates the science fiction design of the recent Alienware releases.

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