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Tuesday June 2, 2020

Algerian media responds to France: a reminder of colonial crimes

The world – Algeria

This came against the background of broadcasting documentary tapes that touched on the popular movement in Algeria from an amputated point of view, and attacking the army and political power in the country, among them specifically the movie “Algeria My Love”, by the French director of Algerian origin, Mostafa Kossous.

On Thursday, official television restored a documentary tape that it had completed in 1986, and revealed for the first time that the French authorities used Algerians as rats in the colonial nuclear explosions in the Algerian desert. This documentary was shown once, and its transmission was subsequently prevented due to a direct protest from the then French President François Mitterrand, who contacted Chadli President Ben Jadid. Since last Tuesday, Algerian channels have opened focused discussion and dialogues on the goals of the French media from its focus on Algeria, as well as on outstanding memory issues between Algeria and France, initiatives regarding the enactment of a law in Algeria regarding criminalization of French colonialism and the demand of the French state for official recognition of colonialism, an apology for its crimes and compensation for The victims.

In the context, the official Algerian News Agency, since last Tuesday, has published reports on incidents related to genocide crimes committed by French colonialism, one of which touched on the nuclear explosions in the Algerian desert, describing it as a “horrific crime against humanity whose effects are still alive in the bodies and souls of the victims.” The official agency report condemned the continued “France’s denial of this genocide, whose effects continue after more than six decades have passed since the Algerian desert people paid the price of France’s feverish ambition to enter the nuclear club by transforming the inhabitants of the region into experimental mice, in a brutal and premeditated crime.” .

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The agency also published reports on the suppression of the demonstrations of October 17, 1961 in Paris, entitled “A crime that exposed the true face of French colonialism,” and the massacre of Tate, Tamanrasset, which took place on May 7, 1902, and considered it “one of the heinous crimes documenting the atrocity of the occupation.” The French are in the right of the inhabitants of the region, where successive generations refuse to forget these heinous practices of colonialism, as well as the massacre of the Awfiya tribe in El Harrach in the eastern suburb of the Algerian capital in April 1832 led by the Duke de Rovigo Al-Saffah, which resulted in the death of 1,200 Algerians and remains a crime against humanity and stigma Shame on the colonial history of France, “I considered it” the first brutal genocide of the French invasion, and it is classified as one of the most heinous crimes against humanity that do not fall out of time. “

The Algerian media, specifically loyal to the authority, celebrated the reports published by the conservative Washington Times, and included an attack on the French media, especially the documentary tape on the popular movement, which was broadcast, last Tuesday, by French official TV channels. And the “Washington Times” considered that he “provided truncated images about the Algerian reality with a clear goal, namely, prejudice the credibility of the country’s rulers, a response that was expected from strong media groups disturbed by the efforts of President (Abdel Majid) Tabun,” according to a report reported by the Algerian media on the American newspaper It commended him on President Tabun. Against the background of the documentary itself, which caused widespread anger in Algeria as a “distortion” of the movement and aims to disregard its demands for justice and change for the purpose of political correction on the Algerian authority, the agency “Agence France Presse” that the Oran police had interrogated, on Saturday, a young man who participated in photography, and a tourist guide Accompany the director, to be interrogated other people in Oran.

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Last Wednesday, Algeria summoned its ambassador in Paris to consult about the French media campaign, and announced that it had not set a date for his return to Paris, in the midst of a diplomatic crisis, the second of its kind for the same reason since last April.

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