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Tuesday May 26, 2020

Algeria appoints a fine for those who do not wear the mask!

The world – Algeria

And in case the violator does not pay the value of the violation, the file will be referred to justice and a double fine will be imposed, that is, 20,000 dinars, with imprisonment for a period of 3 days at most.

And according to what revealed by sources identical to “Al-Shorouk”, the legally empowered departments have received instructions to implement the content of the executive decree issued in the last issue of the Official Gazette, which includes a fine of 10 thousand dinars to 20 thousand dinars for anyone who does not wear the mask, and may be punished Also, imprisonment for a period of three days, at most, is for anyone who violates the decrees or decisions legally taken by the administrative authority.

In the decree issued in the last issue of the Official Gazette, wearing masks will be compulsory for all persons and in all circumstances, starting from the first days of Eid Al-Fitr in roads, public places, workplaces, as well as in open or closed spaces that receive the public, especially institutions Public administrations, public utilities, service delivery institutions and commercial places.

The decree also obliges every administration and institution receiving the public, as well as every person engaging in commercial activity or providing services, in any way, to comply with this obligation to wear a protective mask and impose its respect, by all means, including the use of public force.

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