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Tuesday June 30, 2020

Al-Wefaq government reveals its position towards the announcement of the opening of oil fields

The World – Libya

“The sources of energy, fields, oil ports, water sources and other natural resources for all Libyans,” said Colonel Salah Al-Namroosh, Undersecretary of the Libyan Ministry of Defense, according to a press statement published on the official newspaper of the Operation Volcano of Rage. And not be a source of exploitation or extortion, nor occupied by mercenaries and criminal gangs, and this is what will be. “

Al-Namroush added that “the military institution, like other educational, health, cultural, and service institutions of the state, is subject to the legislative, judicial, and executive powers of the state and its possession of weapons does not mean that it seizes power, and if it does, it must be fought, tried, and punished,” adding that “the military when he fights and defends his country and his countrymen, is He fulfills his duty, just as the doctor, teacher, cleaner, and minister perform their duties, and he does not overlook his countrymen and does not take advantage of his people’s need for him to control their necks, and if he does, he does not deserve respect. “

On Monday, June 29, the Libyan National Oil Corporation called for regional states to lift the blockade imposed on Libyan oil production, confirming that negotiations should be held with regional countries in this regard.

In its statement, the Oil Corporation affirmed that “negotiations have taken place over the past few weeks between each of the National Accord government, the Foundation and a number of regional countries, under the supervision of the United Nations and the United States, in order to resume oil production,” stressing the need to “ensure agreement and transparency, And that oil revenues achieve social justice for all Libyans … and include solutions to protect oil installations, and ensure that they are never used as a military objective or as a political bargaining chip again. “

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