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Saturday May 23, 2020

Al-Razzaz: The restructuring of the Jordanian public sector has become more necessary

The World – Jordan

He pointed out that aid was provided to about 586 thousand families, or the equivalent of about 2.5 million citizens, through the “Himat Watan” fund, the “National Aid” fund, the Zakat Fund, social security programs and facilities, provided by the Central Bank of Jordan..

The Prime Minister pointed out, during an interview with “Petra” agency, that the World Bank and International Monetary Fund estimates indicate an economic contraction in Jordan ranging between 3.4% to 3.7%, which requires reconsideration of many things, the first of which is the takaful systems in order to protect the most vulnerable families and individuals. In the community.

He stressed that the restructuring of the public sector has become more necessary, and he said: “We have ministries that need to be merged and we are working on that.” He pointed out that the structure will include all public sector institutions..

He stressed that, despite the difficult circumstances and repercussions of the crisis, there are opportunities that Jordan can invest, especially in the pharmaceutical sector, medical supplies, agriculture, and food processing, and in promising sectors in the field of digital economy and information technology.

The Prime Minister pointed out that the numbers that were recorded with the Corona virus and some foci, which were formed during the last days, led us to a consensus on the need to exercise caution and take more precautionary and preventive measures..

He also stressed that there is no relentlessness in the battle against this epidemic, warning that any slowdown or leniency will have very serious repercussions..

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