Al-Rass Governorate

One of the Saudi cities located in the Najd plateau, so that it is surrounded on the eastern side by Al-Bada’i and from the western side Qasr bin Aqeel and Al-Shanana. It is about three hundred and eighty-five kilometers, and about four hundred kilometers from Medina. As for Mecca, it is estimated at about seven hundred and twenty kilometers. It is linked to the Al-Qassim region by a group of paved roads.

History of Al-Rass Governorate

successive migrations

Many Arab tribes migrated from the Najd region, most notably the Bani Asad tribes that occupied the greater part of Al-Qassim. Other tribes came in their place, including Al-Humaydan and Bani Tamim, who came to them from Ushaiqer for the purpose of work and trade, and provided many services to the city and are still to this day, They also had their own influence in the region, and later on the Arabs began to come to it and build houses of mud until it became a small village, but when the Sicilian family who belonged to the Al-Wahba and Bani Tamim clans came to it, it turned into the largest Najd land, and that was from the year 950 AH.

Glass raid

As a result of its mediation between the cities and homes of the Qassim Governorate; Al-Rass has become a target for settlement by a large group of Arab tribes, and its clean air, fresh water, moderate climate, and abundance of agricultural lands helped the migration of many and many attempts to seize it, so it turned into an area rich in agricultural resources. Goat, and after that a person named Hudeeb Al-Owaisi took over its emirate, and the Al-Dhafeer tribe helped him and the war between him and the Glass family continued for four years.

Toson campaign

At the beginning of the year 1300 AH, the calls of Sheikh Muhammed bin Abd al-Wahhab gained acceptance and attention from the Ottoman state, but later it began to fear and hostile to it, specifically after its support and conviction by the people of Najd, and in order to eliminate these calls, it cooperated with Egypt during the reign of Muhammad Ali Pasha; Because it wanted to expand Najd, they stormed the Arabian Peninsula during a series of campaigns, the first of which was in the year 1230 AH, led by Toson Pasha.

The Battle of Ibrahim Pasha

Before the occurrence of this invasion, a person named Mansour bin Assaf bin Ali was responsible for managing the province, and after him came Sheikh Qirnas, who during his rule was exposed to a major war, specifically in the year 1232 AH, between the people of Rass and a person named Ibrahim Pasha who besieged it Several months, but he was not able to her due to the immunity of her wall and the valor of her family in defending her.

Al-Rass Governorate

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