Al-Rajhi wallet opening price One of the distinguished services of Al-Rajhi Bank will be within the lines of our next article, where we will talk about the price of opening the Al-Rajhi wallet, and we will mention the link to the Al-Rajhi wallet and the types of wallets. As well as the conditions for opening an investment portfolio with Al-Rajhi and other detailed information.

Al-Rajhi wallet opening price

Opening Al Rajhi wallet is freeOpening a portfolio in Al-Rajhi Bank does not require a minimum investment account for the client, but there is an annual fee of 700 Saudi riyals for the service of opening a trading portfolio in Al-Rajhi Bank in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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Link to open Al-Rajhi wallet 2022

Customers can learn about the prices of shares trading in Al Rajhi Capital by entering the link “from here” and creating a free Al Rajhi trading portfolio to benefit from all the distinctive features and services provided by the Saudi Al Rajhi Bank.

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Types of Al-Rajhi wallets

Al Rajhi Bank offers investors in the Saudi stock market the following investment portfolios:

  • Return portfolio: This type of portfolio depends on achieving a constant and stable return on an ongoing basis. For this it can be considered as a safe investment regardless of the presence of few risks.
  • Earning Portfolio: This type of portfolio achieves financial returns that are much greater than the return portfolio, because it is interested in investing in the shares of companies, which calls for a good follow-up of these companies.
  • Mixed wallet: These portfolios are based on the return in addition to the capital gains from corporate stocks and are located in the middle between the earnings portfolio and the return portfolio.

Conditions for opening an investment portfolio in Al-Rajhi Bank

To facilitate trading and buying shares, Al Rajhi Bank has determined the conditions that the client must meet to open an investment portfolio. These conditions are:

  • The customer has a current account with Al-Rajhi Bank.
  • The customer wishing to open the wallet has a valid ATM card.
  • Show your personal identity card or residence card in case the customer is a resident of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • The presence of a mobile number registered in the STC servers.
  • The customer has an account on the Absher platform.
  • Registration of the customer in the unified phone banking service at Al-Rajhi Bank.
  • Having an effective email address.

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Al Rajhi financial platform

The Al-Rajhi financial platform is one of the most important platforms that investors and businessmen rely on, wishing to enter the Saudi stock market. Where the company made it easy for customers to trade through the website or the special application and the possibility of opening a portfolio through the official website of Al-Rajhi.

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Opening an investment portfolio in Al Rajhi

Al Rajhi Bank customers can open an investment portfolio in Al Rajhi by following the following steps:

  • Enter the Al Rajhi Capital website “from here”.
  • Click on register a new user.
  • Write the customer’s account information, which includes the identity or residence number and the phone number.
  • Enter the activation code sent to the customer’s mobile, then press Next.
  • Enter and confirm the username and password.
  • Writing the customer’s e-mail to receive purchase and sale notices.
  • Determine the beneficiary of opening an investment portfolio, whether an individual or a company.
  • Determine the appropriate method for the customer to receive the username, either by mobile phone or by using e-mail.
  • Click Next after agreeing to the terms and conditions shown.
  • Enter the activation code sent to the customer’s phone, then press Confirm.
  • The registration process is completed and the user name is sent by message to the customer’s mobile phone or to the customer’s email.

How to activate the wallet in Al-Rajhi

The wallet can be activated through the Rajihi Capital website easily by following the following steps:[1]

  • Enter the Al Rajhi Capital website “from here”.
  • Enter both the customer’s user name and password, then press “Login”.
  • Enter the activation code sent to the customer’s phone.
  • Click on the electronic trading service.
  • Click Next from Know Your Customer Service.
  • Enter the customer’s personal information, then press Next.
  • Enter the information of the employer, including the current profession, the name of the facility, the city of the facility and other personal information of the client.
  • Enter the bank information, including the name of the branch bank and the current account number.
  • Enter the client’s financial information by updating the sources of income and answer the questions listed below.
  • Enter the custodian’s information, then click Next.
  • Enter the client’s investment information, which includes all of the investment knowledge and experience, and information about the client’s ideal investment portfolio, then press Next.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions and then confirm the information entered by the customer.
  • Click on Confirm Information again at the bottom of the page to activate the account.
  • Enter the electronic trading service again and choose the purpose of opening the account.
  • The status of the portfolio appears in active mode, then press Go to trading.
  • The authorization form appears in front of the customer on a new page.
  • Specify insiders for a special purpose only to avoid paying additional fees.
  • Pressing OK, the wallet will be activated and the client will be transferred to the Al Rajhi Capital trading interface.

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Al-Rajhi portfolio profits

The client can view the profit and loss report from Al Rajhi Tadawul by following the following steps:

  • Client’s login to Al Rajhi trading account “from here”.
  • Click on Command List from the main menu.
  • Click on order status.
  • The client chooses the portfolio in which he wants to know the profit and loss report.
  • Determine the time period during which the report is to be known, provided that it does not exceed 30 days.
  • Enter the stock symbol, then press search.
  • The profit and loss report appears and includes (date, stock, portfolio number, quantity, total cost, selling price, order value, profit or loss, and total profit and loss for all).

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Al Rajhi trading app

Al-Rajhi Bank seeks to provide the latest financial services to customers, and therefore it has launched the Al-Rajhi Tadawul application, which is the first free application for trading shares in the Saudi market and can be downloaded by customers as follows:

  • Download the Al-Rajhi trading application for Android mobile devices “from here”.
  • Download the Al-Rajhi trading application for iOS devices “from here”.

Al Rajhi Trading Features

Traders of banking products that include stocks, forex and contracts in Al Rajhi trading enjoy the following advantages:

  • Simplicity of design and ease of use of the Al Rajhi trading application on mobile devices.
  • Easy access to investment accounts.
  • Easy access to global market indices.
  • Ease of access and access to all client portfolios.
  • Gather complete information about all the movements of the trading market.

Customer Service at Al Rajhi

Al Rajhi Bank customers can contact the customer service of Al Rajhi Capital in one of the following ways:

  • Contact the unified number for trading Al Rajhi 920005856.
  • Al-Rajhi Bank number is traded from outside Saudi Arabia 00966920005856.
  • Contact the Al Rajhi Tadawul phone number for new clients 8001241222.
  • Al Rajhi Bank Toll Free Number for Existing Customers 8001248880.
  • Customer service email [email protected].
  • Al-Rajhi Twitter accountfrom here.[2]

At the conclusion of the article, we have mentioned Al-Rajhi wallet opening price We also mentioned the Al-Rajhi portfolio link and the types of portfolios. As well as the conditions for opening an investment portfolio with Al-Rajhi and other detailed information.

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