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Wednesday September 16, 2020

Al-Nuno: The response to normalization will be through this alliance

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Al-Nono said in an interview with Al-Alam TV via the “Guest and Dialogue” program. It is clear that normalization is not an isolated step from what is being arranged in the region as a whole. What is meant is part of implementing the Deal of the Century and Trump’s vision for the Middle East. This normalization has several aspects. The first aspect: is the reformulation of relations in this region so that the creation of a form of alliance, or what was called the Arab NATO or the regional NATO, so that Israel is part of NATO within the framework of changing the matrix of friends and enemies within the framework of the matrix of new alliances in the sense of integrating the occupation in the region. .

He added, “The second point: ending all hopes and destroying the Palestinian cause, the deal of the century deals with the basics and foundations of the Palestinian issue related to land with regard to annexation and ending the Palestinian issue, the refugee issue and Jerusalem. Now normalization strikes the Arab environment that could have recorded the incubator and the strategic depth of the Palestinian issue.” Now some Arab countries are shifting from supporting the Palestinian cause to an alliance with the Israeli entity. We consider this matter a very serious political disaster for the region because it consecrates the occupation and hegemony over these countries. “

On the speed of normalization of some Arab countries with the Israeli entity, Al-Nono said: “This speed reflects the American pressure because it is clear that President Trump wants to make the most of the imposition of normalization and his vision on the region for one of two possibilities: The first may not stay long inside the White House and the second possibility wants to These projects strengthen his chances of returning to a second term in the United States. Netanyahu is also pressing in this context in order to strengthen his internal conditions in the face of his opponents in light of the worn out reality inside the Zionist entity. The second reason: the establishment of a process of intimidation (the Arab countries) from the surrounding and it needs To the entity and there are processes of increased pressure on these Arab countries, and this is the reason that led to that. One of the factors of help (in continuing normalization) is the inability of the Arab countries to take a single collective decision to condemn the UAE’s normalization decision during the Arab League, which is something that helped other countries that were Reluctant to wait for an official position to follow the example of the UAE. “

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Regarding the recent Arab League’s decision on Palestine, the media and political advisor to the head of the political bureau of Hamas said: “It is clear that the Arab League has not only turned against itself, but has leaned on the justification of its existence in order to be a lever for the issues of the Arab nation and support for the causes of the Arab nation. Today the Arab League has started giving cover Justifying projects for more hegemony and more control for the Israeli entity instead of confronting it. This forces us – through the strategic vision that the movement’s head spoke about during the meeting of the General Secretaries – of the necessity of creating a broader regional and international alliance to confront this scheme. Building on the axis of resistance and the axis of rejecting this. Zionist projects in the region, and this does not mean that we are in a state of hostility with other Arab countries, but rather with the Zionist project and with the Zionist domination of the capabilities and policies of the region and its countries.

In response to a question about the meeting of the General Secretaries and the deliberations of the presence of Hamas and the resistance forces in the Beirut meeting, and this quick response to normalization, Taher Al-Nono said: “We are facing a new reality imposed by the current political scene, whether this reality is normalization, annexation of Palestinian lands, or the deal of the century. This reality is imposed on us.” More in the start towards unifying the positions The meeting of the General Secretaries in itself is a positive point and it was agreed upon in the Cairo meeting in 2011 and unfortunately it was only held once in that year and was overlooked in the past meetings The second point is that there were 3 points of convergence during this meeting The position on the deal of the century, the position on normalization and the subsidiary matters related to Jerusalem, the position on the issue of UNRWA and the attempt to end its role. This meeting achieved plans forward, and there was agreement on mechanisms, namely the formation of the 3 committees, the first of which was the Popular Resistance Committee and activating this resistance. A step in the direction of the imam. There was also a political connotation to this meeting, which is that it was held in two places, which it held inside the homeland in Ramallah and in the capital of the Palestinian Diaspora in an area that is the second largest Palestinian gathering area. Ne next to the capital of the revolution and refugee camps in southern Lebanon. The link between the occupied territories and the Palestinian refugees in the Diaspora capital was a distinct matter, especially since Lebanon and Beirut are the capital of the resistance. We should not forget the role of the resistance and Hezbollah in the south and forcing the occupation to leave at the impact of the resistance’s strikes. This triple link between asylum, the occupied territories and the resistance had important signals, which is the launch in order to achieve the strategic vision that the head of the movement spoke about. “

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On Ismail Haniyeh’s tour in Lebanon and his meeting with Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah, Al-Nono said: “The relationship with Hezbollah is a strategic relationship that extends to decades and is not a newborn today, but this is the first meeting between the head of the Political Bureau and Hassan Nasrallah, the Secretary-General. Certainly this meeting opens more horizons.” Cooperation, joint action, consensus in visions, and strategic thinking towards confronting the occupation, and it is not possible to confront the occupation at any moment except through all components of the resistance and immunity front. (Certainly in the meeting that took place) there was consensus to strengthen the bilateral relationship and develop joint action between Hamas and Hezbollah. “

And he said: “Despite the bad current scene and the blackening of the normalization project and the draft of the century deal, it meant in itself the emphasis on an important point, which is that the first and last option before the Palestinian people and before the Arab and Islamic nation as well, is to resist this occupation and it only understands this language. The only resistance is the one that can impose its equations and achieve achievements for the Palestinian people. We tried that in Gaza and we are now on the 15th anniversary of the departure of the occupation from the Gaza Strip and in 2006 the success of the resistance and Hezbollah was, “adding:” The resistance today is the only option to deal with the occupation entity within a legitimate framework. ” We call it comprehensive resistance with all its levels, on top of which is the armed resistance, including popular, political, legal and media resistance, with all levels we can survive in confronting the occupation. “

In response to a question about whether a fusion is expected between the armed resistance and the popular and legal resistance led by the Palestinian Authority, given that all the papers were carried out in the hands of Mahmoud Abbas, the media and political advisor to the head of the political bureau of Hamas said: “We believe that resistance was and will remain the basic choice for the Palestinian people. We say today – even if we do not reach this stage soon – we say that agreement on popular, legal and political resistance at this stage is important and can trigger the spark of armed resistance according to the mechanisms agreed upon and according to the agreed times within the framework of the leadership consensus of the Palestinian people.

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He continued: “The division will increase us a loss, and the difference in the mechanisms will weaken us. The roles must be distributed between us and integration within the framework of the project in order to achieve the attempts to liquidate the Palestinian cause.”

On the statements of the Bahraini Foreign Minister that normalization promotes peaceful coexistence, Taher Al-Nono replied: “This political speech is pathetic and ridiculous, and it implies that the battles were raging between Bahrain and the Israeli occupation, and now the guns’ voices must calm down until the sound of peace rises. This is an attempt to deceive the public opinion and by the way. The Bahraini people have seen them in demonstrations and they are demonstrating against this agreement because we realize that the Bahraini people are in one valley and the agreement is in another valley.It is clear that these sentences were agreed upon in the White House in a certain political framework and they are in a frame far from the Palestinian people and have nothing to do with the Arab national project or the project “The Arab nationalist, but it is a project, unfortunately, that will lead to more tension in the region. And whoever signed these agreements, whether the Emirates or Bahrain, we are confident that in the future they will be the first to lose.”

At the end of the conversation, the media and political advisor to the head of the political bureau of Hamas affirmed: “The Palestinian resistance in Gaza will always have its hand on the trigger awake and vigilant, and that there is no agreement that the resistance can sign and agree upon by the resistance that touches even one millimeter of the resistance weapon or the development of the resistance. In a continuous development of its weapons, its power, its performance, its tools, and its ability to harm the occupation, we say to the occupation and everyone who thinks that the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip today is touching the resistance in the Gaza Strip is completely different in all previous rounds and its readiness, willingness and ability to hurt the enemy is much greater than what the occupation itself imagines, and we will continue to develop This resistance has reached the moment of liberation. “

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