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Saturday November 21, 2020

Al-Nujaba refuses to extend the stay of foreign forces in Iraq

The World – Iraq

Engineer Nasr Al-Shammari said that “Mustafa Al-Kazemi is the” temporary “prime minister, explaining that” the main task of the Al-Kazemi interim government, in addition to running the ordinary affairs of the state, is to prepare for early elections. It is not his authority or the powers of any temporary or permanent government to summon foreign forces or extend their stay. ” Contrary to the constitution and the decision of Parliament. “
Al-Shammari also relied on Article 61 (fourth) of the Iraqi constitution, which affirms that the Iraqi Council of Representatives is the competent authority for such matters.
The spokesman for Al-Nujaba pointed to “the complete discrepancy between the statements of the commander of the occupation forces, General Kent Mackenzie,” with the statements of Al-Kazemi, adding that this discrepancy clearly indicates the lack of credibility in the dealings of both the US and Iraqi governments, or at least one of them, as he put it.

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