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Sunday September 20, 2020

Al-Mashat calls on the aggression countries to respond to the calls for peace

World – Yemen

In his speech on the occasion of the sixth anniversary of the September 21 revolution, President Al-Mashat called on the countries of the Aggression Coalition to immediately release ships, lift the siege, open the airport, and seriously engage in negotiations to end the war and the military presence in our country.

The President made a proposal to the rest of the Yemeni parties who took the path of aggression to return to their senses, and their situation could be settled through a national conference for national reconciliation.

In his speech, President Al-Mashat called on the United Nations and the international community to stop double standards and carry out their responsibilities towards the suffering of the Yemeni people and condemn the siege, starvation, deprivation of fuel, food and medicine, targeting cities and civilians, and condemning the support, support, recruitment and resettlement of Al Qaeda and ISIS members by the aggression coalition in Al-Bayda previously and now in Marib and other areas, and to leave the silence about these crimes and towards the killing of prisoners and their mistreatment by the mercenaries of aggression.

He also called on the international community to respect the Yemeni people and stop recognizing the legitimacy of the corrupt, Al Qaeda and ISIS, considering these groups are all components of the false legitimacy and they definitely do not represent Yemen or the interests of the Yemeni people.

President Al-Mashat renewed his call to all those involved in betraying the country to lay down arms and return to the bosom of the family and the homeland and realize the danger of continuing to fight against their people and their country, and the danger and shame of staying in mercenary and normalization camps, adding, “We urge them to take advantage of the opportunity of a general amnesty, especially as it will not remain open indefinitely. Once again, he welcomes all the returnees, dear brothers, who have our money and have what we owe.

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Condemnation of normalization

President Al-Mashat condemned all forms of normalization with the Israeli enemy, reminding all the typists that Palestine and their nation are more important to them, their enthusiasm, and their bows than Israel.

He advised the typists that the line in which they walk is a lonely path and that they will not find any benefit for them or their people in it except for more pain, remorse and loss.

President Al-Mashat reaffirmed the Yemeni people, leadership and revolution standing by Jerusalem, Palestine and the people of Palestine.

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