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Friday January 22, 2021

Al-Kazemi: Iraqi security will not be subject to the conflicts of political parties

The World – Iraq

Al-Kazemi added, during an extraordinary session of the Ministerial Council for Iraqi National Security, that the events that took place yesterday are a breach that we will not allow to repeat.

He continued, “We are working on developing a comprehensive and effective security plan to meet the challenges.”

He pointed out that “there are daily attempts by ISIS to reach Baghdad that were thwarted by preemptive operations.”

He added, “I will personally supervise the intelligence services, and we will impose a new situation for work and take urgent measures.”

Al-Kazemi removed five prominent security leaders from their posts hours after two suicide bombings targeted a popular market in Tayaran Square in central Baghdad, Thursday, leaving 32 victims and 110 injured, according to Iraqi Health Ministry figures.

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