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Tuesday October 27, 2020

Al-Jaafari calls for adding a psychiatrist to the list of briefers

The World – Syria

Al-Jaafari said in a statement by Syria during a session of the Security Council today via video about the situation in Syria that Erdogan’s regime has expanded its military interventions, serious crimes and support for terrorism beyond the borders of Syria to a number of countries in the region and its neighborhood, including Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Somalia, Greece, Cyprus, Armenia, Azerbaijan and others, and may think Knocking through the doors of Vienna again, pointing out that these matters are dangerous and threaten international peace and security and would not have happened had it not been for the protection that NATO member states provide to their Turkish ally, similar to their patronage and the immunity they granted to the Israeli occupation over the past seven decades.

Al-Jaafari pointed out that Syria has repeatedly called on the Security Council to hold the Turkish regime accountable for its violations of international law, the provisions of the United Nations Charter and Security Council resolutions, and for war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in Syria, which it started with the violation of the Adana Agreement concluded between the two countries in 1998 and for its support, training and arming of thousands of transient terrorists. According to the reports of the United Nations and the relevant Security Council committees, he and his allies brought them from more than a hundred countries and provided them with political, military and media support before he worked to integrate them into his forces, launch acts of aggression, occupy large parts of northern Syria, and steal and plunder the capabilities of the Syrian people, their wealth and natural resources, including Antiquities, oil and gas, factories, machinery, agricultural crops, the practice of displacement, demographic change and Turkification, and the use of drinking water as a weapon against civilians and its establishment and the terrorist organizations affiliated with it, deliberately burning large areas of land cultivated with wheat, barley, olives and citrus fruits and targeting their owners as their only source of livelihood.

Al-Jaafari expressed Syria’s regret that the Security Council did not move to show its solidarity, as a minimum, with the Syrians who have been affected by the fires that have occurred recently in large areas in a number of governorates, indicating that Western countries would have filled the corridors of the United Nations screaming and calling for emergency sessions if those fires broke out in The areas controlled by the Al-Nusra Front terrorist organization or the US or Turkish occupation zones.

Al-Jaafari pointed out that the Turkish regime has disavowed its obligations and commitments according to the outcomes of the Astana meetings and the Sochi understandings regarding the Idlib region, where it established the so-called separation wall on parts of the Syrian territories and tampered with the sites of the temporary stabilization stones of our common borders and tried to exploit the issue of the displaced to blackmail Europe, conclude cheap deals with it, and transport terrorists and mercenaries from among them. Some call them the “moderate armed opposition” from Syria to Libya and they are currently trying to rob the energy sources in the Mediterranean.

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Al-Jaafari stressed that the crimes of the Turkish regime will not change in any way the legal reality of the lands it occupies and its ownership of Syria and will not lead in any way to prejudice to the legal and sovereign rights of Syria or represent a precursor to any future bilateral demarcation of the borders again at the same time demanding Syria to end the illegal existence To the American occupation forces and to stop the support they provide to their tools from terrorists, separatist militias, and illegal artificial entities and their described theft of Syrian oil, gas, agricultural crops and related crimes aimed at depriving the Syrian state of its basic resources, prolonging the suffering of Syrians and obstructing a political solution.

Al-Jaafari pointed out that the events taking place in the Middle East and the Mediterranean regions prove, day after day, the relevance of what Syria has repeatedly confirmed to the Security Council over the past nine years in terms of the efforts of some member state governments to destabilize the security and stability of the countries of the region in the service of the interests of those narrow selfish governments and their aggressive and intrusive agendas as evidenced. What Syria has alerted to regarding the lack of wisdom among decision-makers in some Western capitals, including the capitals of the three Western permanent members of the Security Council, and their willingness to ally with Satan and the formation of investigation mechanisms and committees under their personal supervision to serve their plans at the expense of Syria’s security and stability and the blood and remains of its children and at the expense of the United Nations Charter and its credibility And its role.

Al-Jaafari stated that Syria also alerted the Security Council to the danger of dealing with terrorism and its organizations and criminals, whatever the masks that are being tailored for this terrorism to be smeared behind it. It also stressed the need for zero tolerance for its sponsors and investors in it, but Western countries kept silent on Syria’s warnings and advice, pointing out that Today everyone is touching the effects of those clumsy Western policies, where magic has turned on the magician, and Erdogan’s regime, which sponsors terrorism, is no longer satisfied with performing the tasks entrusted to it, namely promoting Islamist and not Islamic currents, as we always say, to avoid playing in the court of deceivers and sponsoring those currents in a number of countries in the region and supporting terrorist organizations and terrorists Those crossing the borders, he brought them to Syria through its northern borders and provided them with various forms of support. Rather, he saw in himself a new Ottoman sultan whose armies and mercenaries could invade the lands of his countries’ neighbors in the Middle East and Europe without any legal or moral deterrent, as if time had stopped for him in the years prior to the era of the League Nations, the United Nations Charter and a hundred years of international legal instruments and treaties and moral values.

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Al-Jaafari explained that the American administration and its partners in the European Union are continuing the policies of economic terrorism and collective punishment of peoples through unilateral coercive measures they impose on them, especially Syria, with the aim of suffocating civilians and depriving them of food, medicine, basic medical equipment and fuel, and preventing reconstruction and the return of the displaced, with great disregard for international law, the United Nations Charter and calls. Launched by the Secretary-General and senior staff of the International Organization and the Human Rights Council on the need to lift these measures, especially in light of the challenges posed by the Corona epidemic and the need to address it.

Al-Jaafari expressed Syria’s aspiration for the participation of countries that believe in international law and the provisions of the Charter in the International Conference on the Displaced, scheduled in Damascus on the 11th and 12th of next month, and its support for the efforts of the Syrian state and its allies to improve the humanitarian and livelihood situation and provide support to facilitate the return of the displaced Syrians in dignity and safety to their homeland, villages and homes, indicating Participation in it is available, either by attending personally or virtually by representatives of Member States and the United Nations and its specialized agencies, and it aims to follow up the call launched by Syria in 2017 for the return of the displaced and its request at the time by the international community and the United Nations to support the return process, create the appropriate environment and provide basic services to the returnees, a call sought by the governments of some countries To obstruct it by placing its “veto” on reconstruction and imposing unfair politicized conditions on humanitarian and development work in Syria.

Al-Jaafari affirmed that Syria has never failed to engage in the political track, as it openly participated in the Geneva talks, the Moscow consultations and the Astana meetings. It also dealt positively with the outcomes of the Syrian National Dialogue Conference in Sochi, represented by the formation of a committee to discuss the constitution, and engaged in a serious and constructive dialogue with the Special Envoy of the Secretary-General of the Nations. The United Nations to Syria changed Pedersen, which led to the formation of a committee to discuss the constitution and start its work in Geneva.

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Al-Jaafari said: Syria hopes that the committee will succeed in the task entrusted to it, and it confirms that this success can only be achieved by ensuring that external interference in its affairs is not in any way and by anyone. Since the committee was formed and started its work, it has become a master of itself and it is the one who decides how to proceed. Its actions and recommendations that can be drawn out so that all this process from A to Z is completed under the leadership and ownership of Syria only and on the basis that the Syrian people have the exclusive right to determine the future of their country.

Al-Jaafari stated that Pedersen visited Damascus two days ago and held meetings with the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Walid al-Muallem, and the co-chair of the national side in the work of the constitution discussion committee, Ahmed Al-Kuzbari, and while he spoke about his impressions of the visit, the Syrian side stresses the importance of the success of the committee’s work. This requires respecting the rules of its procedures that have been agreed upon, including not allowing any external interference or pressures to impede its work, in addition to the fact that some countries try to set unacceptable timetables that will not serve the work of this responsible committee, which relates to the present and future of Syria, stressing that the committee is a lady It is itself that adopts the proposals that it arrives at through a debate that reflects the will of the Syrians alone, and that there is no alternative to the deliberations of the Constitution Debate Committee in all its stages, under the exclusive leadership and ownership of Syria, because the Syrian people are the only ones concerned with determining the future of their country.

In response to the representatives of Western countries, al-Jaafari said .. The more I listened to the representatives of these countries in the council’s sessions, the more I became convinced of the amount of futility in their speech, the amount of hypocrisy in their reading and confusion in their countries ’wrong policies towards my country. This calls for adding a psychiatrist, Freud to the list of briefing providers. Diagnosis of schizophrenia in language and lack of realism in political analysis, adding .. We said it and repeat it again .. The opponent cannot be a judge, and the one who is fond of setting fires cannot claim to be a firefighter..the last thing that one can think of after the victory over the separation crime The racist in South Africa is the offense of the militant Nelson Mandela by employing his moral integrity to serve an immoral and illegal issue such as starving people and preventing food and medicine, development and reconstruction from them.

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