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Sunday July 12, 2020

Al-Alam reporter reveals details of the assault on demonstrators in Baghdad

The World – Reporters

Al-Alam’s correspondent in Baghdad, Naveed Behrouz, said that this repressive measure carried out by the Iraqi forces against the demonstrators constitutes a turning point in the framework of the security forces ’dealings with them, adding that a number of political forces, including the Al-Fateh Alliance and the head of the Alliance of Law States Nuri al-Maliki condemned this violent action and demanded the Iraqi government to open An investigation on this subject, noting that the parliamentary Dawa Party bloc and the Iraqi High Commission for Human Rights condemned these violent measures against the demonstrators.

The scientist emphasized that the Iraqi official authorities did not issue any official statement about the details of suppressing these demonstrations that were announced several days ago, as a group of demonstrators tried to come from the southern governorates to Baghdad, specifically the Green Zone, to deliver their protest messages against the Iraqi government and Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazimy cutting salary Families of martyrs, prisoners and Baath victims, noting that there are those who feel that what the Iraqi government has done in this regard is a conspiracy targeting the victims of the Baathist regime because the southern and central provinces were victims of the arbitrary practices of the defunct regime.

Al-Alam correspondent stressed that some political parties consider that the Iraqi Prime Minister’s decision is an urgent decision that targets victims of the defunct Ba’athist regime, indicating that there are movements of mediators, especially in the Iraqi parliament, that may lead to the summoning of some government figures.

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