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Friday January 17, 2020

AirPods Pro owners complain of weak noise cancellation after company updates

Owners of the recent Apple Wireless AirPods Pro wireless headphones complained of a difference in the efficiency of the noise or noise cancellation system as is known, as this feature was negatively affected after the arrival of the updated versions of the headphones, according to The Verge.

While the experiments showed that the capabilities of the noise cancellation feature in AirPods became worse after the company released 2C54, however a number of headphone users confirmed that the problem appeared to them before the arrival of this update originally and in conjunction with the version of 2B588 that was sent last November.

As Apple adopts an implicit method of sending updates to AirPods, the user is unable to control the update or revert to using the previous version in the event of problems in the latter.

As the process of the arrival of the update takes place without sending clear notifications and cannot be rejected, scheduled or kept on demand; all that is done is the arrival of the update on the status of the headphones in charging next to the iPhone while the copy of the update can be observed through the settings and pressing General and then around the device to show you the image As follows:

Apple has yet to comment on this issue, as described by AirPods owners who noticed the difference in feature after the updates, while Sony and Bose headphones users faced similar events, according to the report.

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The Verge

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