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Thursday December 31, 2020

Ages 25 – 34, the most visited on Sawalif Soft during 2020

Ages 25 – 34, most visited in 2020

The age group of 25-34 years swept the segments of other age groups during 2020 to become the most interested and visited group Swalif Soft During 2020.

The category of 18-25 years came in second place, to together represent about 60% of the total number of visitors to the site during the year 2020.

While males outperformed females in terms of rates of entry to the site: 54.15% for males and 45.85% for females, which is a very reasonable percentage by all standards.

Let’s get to know the age map completely. The numbers depend on the service Google stats.

Ages 25 – 34, the most visited on Sawalif Soft during 2020

  1. 18-24 years 27.5%
  2. 25–34 years 33.5%
  3. 35–44 years 15.5%
  4. 45-54 years 12.5%
  5. 55 years and over 11%

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