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Thursday December 19, 2019

Again … updates about abuse and harassment policies

YouTube has worked over the past few years to develop the way in which the content is managed on its platform by working to remove it when it is in violation of the rules of the forum and limiting its spread .. and encouraging reliable voices that work to make YouTube a better place by delivering to the pioneers of the platform breaking news and correct information When they search for it.

The inconveniences and inconveniences make the YouTube community less sharing their views and feelings about the issues that are happening around them or linking with each other .. The YouTube team has heard many stories on this topic by content makers, especially when it was working to develop its policies on this matter .. He also YouTube meets online bullying experts, journalists’ defenders and organizations working to protect expression rights from across the spectrum of politics.

So, and in order to keep YouTube an available platform for everyone to share their opinions and ideas, the following procedures have been approved

  • Stronger attitudes against attacks and personal abuse:

YouTube has always worked to remove content that explicitly harms others, reveal personal information, or encourage others to harm someone..Today and with an advanced step, YouTube has decided to also include implicit threats and abuse and this includes any indication of violence directed .. not only abuse Rather, YouTube went further to include any insulting language or annoying signs that might be displayed.

Race, gender, and gender are all untouchable private matters and this includes content makers … individuals … and government employees …

  • Responsibility for repetitive behavior:
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In numerous messages, YouTube announced cases called “a series of abuses” that are among the videos or comments .. In its latest update, YouTube announced that these videos, even personal ones, that are not subject to its own policies will be under control .. Support will be directed only to content makers Trustworthy. Channels that conflict with YouTube’s policies on hate and abuse will be excluded from the YouTube Partner Program and will be prevented from earning any money through the YouTube platform.

In addition, if the abusive behavior persists, YouTube will not only remove the content, but will take other measures that may include communications or terminate the channel completely.

  • Tackle bad comments:

Although the comment space is one of the most important spaces in which audiences and content makers share and debate, a huge number of abusive comments have been addressed during the past year with expectations for this number increasing .. The problem with the subject of comments is that they only offend the person who is directing the abuse Not only to him, but he may have an adverse effect on the entire conversation.

In addition to removing comments, YouTube enabled content makers to review comments that may be suspected of being abused in order to review them, which had a positive impact in reducing user references to comments .. Accordingly, the review comments feature has been activated for all creators.

All these measures, which YouTube confirmed will always be under review and development, aim to keep YouTube a platform capable of protecting the right to expression without any fear of being abused or threatened to make YouTube the wonderful platform that includes everyone ..

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