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Sunday November 15, 2020

Again, high gold prices in Syria

The World – Syria

According to what was published by the artisanal association for goldsmithing, the 21 gram amounted to 138,000 Syrian pounds sold, 137,500 purchases, the 18 gram amounted to 118,286 pounds sold, and 117,786 Syrian pounds purchase.

For his part, the head of the goldsmith’s captain, Ghassan Jazmati, announced that the price of the Syrian golden pound had reached 1.145 million Syrian pounds, while the local gold ounce was worth 5.050 million Syrian pounds, for the first time since its issuance.

Jazmati added to “Al-Thawra” newspaper that the price of the 22-carat English gold lira recorded 1.190 million Syrian pounds, while the 21-carat English gold lira recorded 1.145 million Syrian pounds.

He explained that the daily sales of gold in the Damascus market are still the same, pointing out that the Christmas season, during which sales usually increase, is not yet time, and begins in the second week of December 2020.

On Thursday, the 21st gram recorded the price of 137,000 Syrian pounds for sale, 136,500 purchases, and the 18 gram at 117,429 pounds for sale, and 116,929 pounds for purchase.

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