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Wednesday September 30, 2020

After the death of Sheikh Jaber Al-Sabah … Kuwait is under pressure to normalize with the occupation

World – Kuwait

The newspaper said, “Kuwait has for decades charted a neutral path in many intractable Middle East conflicts, but the death of its Emir, a veteran diplomat, leaves behind the dilemma of whether or not to normalize relations with Israel without establishing a state for the Palestinians.”

After a recent meeting at the White House with the eldest son of Sheikh Sabah, the former defense minister and the main candidate for a mandate in office, President Trump said that Kuwait would be the next country to establish formal relations with “Israel.”

After a week at the United Nations, the Kuwaiti prime minister renewed Kuwait’s insistence that peace with the Palestinians precede normalization with the Arab world.

He added, “Kuwait wants a neutral position. It will not support and praise what is happening, but it will not criticize it either.”

According to the newspaper, a WikiLeaks cable dating back to the year 2008 indicated that Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah entrusted his son, who was then head of the royal court, to “maintain a secret contact relationship with an Israeli dual-national official based elsewhere in the (Persian) Gulf.”

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