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Monday February 22, 2021

After Accurate Reviews, Is Galaxy SmartTag Tracker Worth It?

Missing an item you use every day is probably a nightmare! This includes your wallet, phone, bag and many more different items! This is what contributed to the emergence of a new innovation called the tracker, and this small and simple device whose mission is to track any object that is close to it, and Alumsky after the appearance of accurate reviews of it, is the Galaxy SmartTag tracker worth the acquisition?

Galaxy SmartTag Tracker specifications and features

Samsung tracker is a small device – or an accessory – that was launched in conjunction with the Galaxy S21 series, and the task of this tracker is really simple, as you can, from anywhere, track it and know its location, and it can be attached to a keychain, in your backpack, in a pet collar and more This simple accessory comes in at $ 30.

After the appearance of many reviews of the tracker in many sources, we can now have an excellent look at it, and perhaps the first thing we will start talking about is Pros and Features of the New Galaxy SmartTag Tracker!

• The tracker comes with a light weight of 13g and the small dimensions of 39.1 x 39.1 x 9.9mm
• It can be carried everywhere without really disturbing you
It uses Bluetooth Low Energy to connect to your smartphone
• It is based on the popular Samsung SmartThings app

The tracker is linked to your smartphone in the background as we know, but it is also – automatically and safely – linked to any Samsung phone that is close to it! The more it identifies a phone near it, the more it updates its geolocation data, the goal is to find it in case the Galaxy SmartTag tracker gets lost from you!

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After Accurate Reviews, Is Galaxy SmartTag Tracker Worth It?

Simply, in the event that your tracker is within the permitted range of bluetooth technology, you will be able to simply locate it from the phone, or locate the phone through it, but in the event that it is too far from you, you can rely on the SmartThings app to find it.

As for the factors Which are rated as not good in the new tracker, Is that the tracker works with Samsung phones only on the condition that there is Android Oreo or newer and 2 GB of RAM, and perhaps not working except on Samsung phones is the reason for its weakness in its performance, given that this type of device is in need of constant contact with the surrounding devices around it, whatever it is. Its kind! And is this one of the biggest drawbacks of the Galaxy SmartTag tracker!

Additionally, analysts have mentioned that this game is really bad considering that you might change your smartphone in the future to another company! And here, this tracker will be without any benefit, in addition to that the tracker depends on the surrounding phones Installer on her SmartThings app!

After Accurate Reviews, Is Galaxy SmartTag Tracker Worth It?

The purchase decision is up to you, the Galaxy SmartTag tracker is an excellent tire and the manufacturing materials of Samsung are well known, but take the previous advantages and disadvantages in your mind!

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