Tidal Energy

It is known as lunar energy, and also tidal energy, and it is one of the types of kinetic energy inspired by tidal currents resulting from the occurrence of a natural phenomenon on the margins of the Earth’s rotation around its axis in conjunction with the presence of the attraction of the moon and the sun, and it is included among the types of renewable energy.

The phenomenon of tides became the focus of attention of coastal countries; As it started working on exploiting it by generating electric power by relying on it to reduce the pressure on thermal power plants, and thus reduce the pollution caused by the use of thermal plants based on coal and petroleum for generation.

Tidal energy sets special conditions for its use for economic benefit; Where the internationally approved height to start its exploitation is 5 meters, and this condition applies to more than 100 sites around the world. .

How to use tidal energy

Electricity generation by tidal energy is based on two main methods:

  • Dams: France resorted to adopting the method of building dams in 1966, and implemented this project at the Rance station, and it began its work with a power of 240 megawatts. They were used for the purpose of exploiting the excess capacity of the stations when the hour of low demand for electrical energy was reached.
  • Towers: This method installs fans on a solid tower, provided that they do not exceed sea level, and the kinetic energy resulting from the tides begins to be converted into electricity thanks to the presence of an electric generator.

Features of tidal energy

  • Tidal energy is a clean and environmentally friendly resource.
  • Preserve the fish wealth from depletion or endangerment.
  • It is one of the energy sources that can be easily predicted and the changes that occur to it.
  • Tidal energy is unique in that it is not affected by seasons and weather.
  • It is not depleted due to its dependence on the movement of the earth and the gravitational pull of the sun and moon.

Disadvantages of tidal energy

  • The limitations of tidal energy: Its limitations are among the most disadvantages that tidal energy suffers from. It is difficult to exploit them in necessary places where there is a significant change in water levels.
  • There is a small possibility that fish passing near the tidal currents will be exposed to some dangers such as low pressure or collision with them, which makes the percentage of loss or damage ranging from approximately 5-15%.

Advantages and disadvantages of tidal energy

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