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Wednesday July 15, 2020

Adraei praises a Saudi official after a normal fatwa on ‘Al Arabia’

The world-occupation

In an interview with Saudi Arabia, the former Saudi minister referred to the Qur’anic verse: “And you will not be satisfied with you, nor will you be victorious until you follow their religion.”.. “ Claiming that there are several “wrong” interpretations of this verse, indicating that the reason for the descent of the verse concerns only “the kiss”, and he continued by saying, “Even if the verse is intended as a non-kiss, what is meant is religious conviction,” as he put it..

Al-Eisa’s statement, Spokesman of the Israeli Occupation Army, Avikhai Adraei, prompted intervention by re-publishing the video in which the statement was made, praising Al-Issa: “A word of truth from His Excellency Sheikh Muhammad Al-Issa, President of the Muslim World League, on the fraternal relationship between Muslims and believers of followers of other religions.”

Al-Issa had sparked controversy in January, when he led the funeral prayer for victims of the so-called Holocaust, during a visit in which he met rabbis who follow the Jewish religion and criticized “anti-Semitism.” Al-Issa received praise from Avikhai Adrai and official Israeli channels after that visit.

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