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Friday November 27, 2020

Admitting defeat … the best solution to save bin Salman from the quagmire of Yemen

The World – Yemen

On the other hand, it is subdued by the worst of what is submissive in front of the powerful, and abandoned any level of human dignity, even in its minimum.

These two aspects were clearly visible to bin Salman, the first in his handling of the case of the Saudi activist Loujain al-Hathloul, and the second in the dealings of the outgoing US President Donald Trump with him.

The nature of this character emerged more clearly during the aggression launched by Ibn Salman 6 years ago against the Yemeni people, in the service of the interests of the American and Israeli masters, based on a wrong evaluation of the Yemeni personality, as well as from a corresponding wrong evaluation of the Saudi character, despite all the atrocities he committed and committed in Yemen

Despite his failure to achieve any of the goals of his aggression against Yemen, he still, because of his personality that we have referred to, insists on continuing the aggression and refuses to acknowledge defeat before the defenseless Yemeni people, and also does not have the courage to hold the American and Israeli leaders responsible for implicating him in the Yemeni quagmire.

Today, about 6 years after the American, Israeli, Saudi, and Emirati aggression on Yemen, all the clues indicate that the upper hand in the ongoing war on Yemen is for the army and the popular committees, especially after breaking the siege on the city of Al-Durayhimi in Al-Hudaydah governorate and liberating the Mas camp in Ma’rib governorate, which is considered Marib liberation portal.

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Which became only a matter of time, and the Saudi forces fled from Marib while they were dragging their heavy equipment, and finally the missile force of the Yemeni armed forces destroyed an oil facility of the giant Aramco company in Jeddah with a winged missile, “Quds 2”, hitting its target accurately.

With the admission of the aggression coalition spokesman, who admitted the inability of all the American missile systems that Saudi Arabia bought for billions of dollars in dealing with Yemeni missiles.

These amazing victories of the army and the popular committees, and after six years of aggression, siege and starvation, and instead of motivating bin Salman to activate the queen of reason, to think logically in order to get out of the Yemeni swamp, we see him, based on the composition of his personality, resorting to tricks that have become exposed, will push him To drown more in the Yemeni swamp

This was when he started trying to arouse the sympathy of the international community and appear as a victim, by promoting the lie of danger that the Ansar Allah movement poses to navigation and oil supplies to the global market, and this lie was accompanied by news about Saudi Arabia’s freely “removing and destroying 5 mines” in the Red Sea, It claims that the Ansar Allah movement planted it, and the next day after this announcement, a marine mine exploded in a Greek oil tanker in a Saudi port on the Red Sea !!

Those who know bin Salman’s personality are linking these suspicious and suspicious incidents with the Emir’s attempt to cover up his defeats, by urging the administration of the outgoing US President Donald Trump to accelerate its decision to list Ansar Allah as a terrorist organization, in order to deprive the Yemeni people of international aid, and thus starve them. , Down to pressure through that on the Ansar Allah movement.

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It seems that Bin Salman has not understood the harsh Yemeni lesson, and is still a prisoner of his primitive personality. But the Yemeni people, who suffered defeat during their long history with all the foreign armies that dared and tried to invade their country, will definitely defeat Bin Salman.

The developments in the field over the past few days have proven this fact, and the policies of starvation and demolishing of the infrastructure of our Yemeni people will not benefit it, nor the tricks of marine mines and the bombing of oil tankers, begging America’s sympathy, for getting out of the Yemeni quagmire has one way, which is recognition of defeat.

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