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Tuesday March 2, 2021

Aden has been let down by everyone and rises in protest against the performance of the Hadi government

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Today, Tuesday morning, the people of Khor Maksar region witnessed widespread protests denouncing the poor services in the capital, Aden, as a result of which citizens blocked the main roads in the region by burning tires.

These protests came as a result of the deterioration of municipal services, the increase in the prices of foodstuffs and fuel, as well as the rise in the price of the dollar in Aden.

And private economic sources in Aden have confirmed, according to the “Al-Janoub Al-Youm” website, that officials in the government of the resigned Yemeni President Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi have started whispering among themselves that they expect the southern street to come out against them suddenly in case the economic situation continues as it is in light of the high exchange rate Dramatically high prices.

The sources said that the Hadi government does not have, until now, any real economic vision to save the situation and lift the southern and eastern regions from the economic fortunes that pushed the vast majority to the extreme poverty line.

The economic collapse and the increase in the percentage of the poorest local communities in the southern regions have led to the youth and children from the south resorting to engaging in the fighting with the Saudi-Emirati coalition, whether on the border fronts against Ansar Allah or on the eastern fronts, as is happening today in Marib, and that is in greed for the 1000 Saudi riyals. Acting for fighters in the event that they are present in their locations and military fronts, despite the awareness of those who engage in the fighting from the people of the south of the awareness of the seriousness of the military situation of the fighters in the ranks of the coalition due to the lack of necessary military planning and because the fighters do not receive adequate training to fight and the awareness of some fighters that they may be killed from the first day They are in any unit or military site, but they do not care what may happen to them as long as they will get a monthly salary that the Saudi committee will dispose of itself.

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According to the latest information obtained from more than one specialized source in Aden, the living conditions have greatly exacerbated in light of the rise in food prices and the continued collapse of the local currency with the high exchange rate, at a time when the Hadi government, in which the power of reform, the conference and the transitional is shared, is unable to To stop the continued collapse of the currency on the one hand, and the failure to adhere to the payment of salaries of state employees, which the Hadi government had promised that it would be its first mission after its return to Aden.

The situation of citizens in the southern regions reached a rush to obtain the paper currency that the Sanaa government deals with due to the increase in its value in exchange for the collapse of the new currency that the Hadi government had printed during the past years, estimated at “one and a half trillion” riyals, without an insurance cover that preserves its purchasing value. This led to its collapse, and to make the situation worse is the failure to supply oil and gas revenues from hard currency, which is sold either formally or through smuggling by Hadi’s authority and the sums of money are transferred to private accounts in the National Bank of Saudi Arabia and not to the Central Bank of Aden.

In light of the demonstrations taking place in some southern cities from time to time on the one hand, as happened in Aden yesterday, and the state of tension that citizens live in in areas over which reform imposes its control and grip to prevent any demonstrations or protests against them due to the collapse of the living situation on the other hand, it is likely That the southern street witnesses a massive uprising against the government, the transitional council, and the Saudi-Emirati coalition that controls and manages them, which is what Hadi’s officials in Aden began to feel and expect to happen.

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Today, Tuesday, the protesters closed the main roads with burning tires, and stressed that they would continue their protests until their demands were met, and to stand by them, and the protests in Aden came as a result of deteriorating public services, high food and fuel prices, and foreign exchange rates. The city of Aden is controlled by mercenary forces and militias affiliated with the Saudi aggression coalition.

In Khor Maksar district, Yemeni citizens closed the main roads in the directorate by burning the wheels of cars on the main lines of the directorate, and press sources said that citizens blocked the streets of Khor Maksar threatening to escalate the protests, demanding the government authorities to pay salaries and improve electricity, adding that they cut off the streets against the background of Lack of water and deteriorating electricity.

The city of Aden is witnessing a major deterioration in basic services, which made many call for demonstrations in the coming days to bring down the government of the resigned Hadi, and one of the citizens said: The protest came as a result of poor services in the city due to the high amounts of food and fuel and the high foreign exchange rates in the city.

He stressed that closing the roads is the best solution for the “Hadi government” to pay attention to the situation of the citizen of Aden, adding: that the protests will continue until the demands of the people in Aden are met, look at them, pay attention to their demands and stand by them.

The account (Abu Hamza Al-Kazami) tweeted, saying:

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(People despise those whose trade flourished and their vines grew up when their people starved, so his picture is the simplest example # Eden_did_fone_everyone)

The account of the songwriter (M. Hani Muhammad Al-Kazami), who identified himself in his personal file as (a member of the teaching staff at the College of Engineering and Petroleum, Hadhramout University), said:

(Four Arab capitals fell and stood … {Aden} … # Aden_ let them all down)

The Twitter account (Summer Ahmed) said:

(Residents in Aden are burning tires in protest against the continuous power cuts and the huge rise in food prices. Aden has been without electricity for days because of the government that takes revenues from the ports of Aden and refuses to pay the price of fuel to punish the separatists. # South Yemen.

Residents in Aden burning tires to protest constant power outages & skyrocketing food prices. Aden has been without electricity for days because


govt which takes Aden ports revenues refuses to pay for fuel to punish #SouthYemen separatists. #Yemen #Aden_Fain_Everyone

The account (Abu Abdulaziz Al-Saadi) tweeted, saying:

If he does not put an end to this farce, the people must remove this corrupt gang from their hookers immediately, # Aden_Let it_Everyone

The Twitter account (Abu Talal Al-Abbasi) said, commenting on a picture he posted of a child in the stone of an elderly man:

# Aden_Let her_everyone I will not talk, the features of the little one will take care of that. Aden

The Twitter account (Muhammad Al-Jaouni) said:

In the era of Al-Danbou (Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi) and his esteemed government! Yemen will turn into a non-viable country !! Aden

We conclude this hashtag (# Aden_LetHe_All) with the account of the song (Sumaya Al-Saqqaf), who said in her tweet:

Khor Maskar cutting lines and burning tires now to protest the miserable conditions that people live in and the deterioration of services # Aden_Let them_Everyone

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