“Actions to Avoid at All Costs in the USA 2023”

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Things You Should Never Do in America for a Pleasant Vacation

It is always exhilarating to travel and explore a new country, especially the United States. Its exotic cuisine, lively atmosphere, bustling streets, world-famous shopping, grand events, and romantic destinations make it worth every penny. However, to have a happy and memorable vacation, certain boundaries and rules must be respected. Here are things you should never do while visiting America.

1. Over-traveling

While it is tempting to explore most of the United States’ cities, it is not wise to travel everywhere in a short period. The continental United States is larger than Europe, and therefore, trying to visit all cities at once could overload and exhaust you. It has beautiful cities such as Arizona, Washington, and New York, but visiting all in one go could be overwhelming.

2. Drink and Drive

Drinking and driving are not acceptable in America. If the police find you guilty, they will issue a hefty fine. It is essential to be responsible for yourself and other road users by avoiding drinking and driving.

3. Smoking Anywhere

Many places in the United States have banned smoking. Workplaces and public places are witnessing a non-smoking policy. It is everyone’s right to breathe clean air. Therefore, it is wise to consider the no-smoking areas and avoid smoking anywhere.

4. Disrespecting American Laws and Culture

Every country has its laws and culture that must be respected. When visiting America, it is vital to follow the laws and culture upheld in the country. Respect the authorities, their property, and their way of life, or face the consequences of being detained or deported.

5. Failing to Tip

When in America, tipping their service people is a part of their culture. Failing to tip could be seen as rude, especially in restaurants and service businesses. It is essential to remember that the majority of people that serve you rely on tips for a living. It is also important to know the recommended percentage for each service, like waiters, bartenders, and hotel staff.


1. Is it okay to smoke in designated smoking areas?

Yes, smoking is allowed in designated smoking areas, but it is always wise to confirm with the property owner if smoking is permitted.

2. Can I visit multiple cities on one trip?

Yes, it is possible to visit multiple cities on one trip, but it is advisable to plan well and allocate enough time for each destination.

3. Is it necessary to tip for every service?

It is not necessary to tip for every service, but most service people expect a tip, and it is customary to do so if they provide exceptional service.

4. Can I drink and drive if it’s only a small amount of alcohol?

No, it is not acceptable to drink and drive in any amount as it poses a danger to yourself and other road users.

5. What happens if I break the law in America?

Breaking the law in America could lead to severe consequences such as detention, deportation, or hefty fines. It is wise to follow the laws and culture upheld in the country when visiting to avoid any legal issues.