acretin cream acretin One of the most popular types of creams that are prescribed by any useful site. It is used for chemical peeling of the skin because Acretin cream has many qualities that made it one of the most sought after chemical peeling creams in the market.

In this article, we will answer the most frequently asked questions about acretin cream. I will also talk about my own experience with this magical cream that helped me get rid of most of the skin problems I was suffering from.

Information about acretin cream

Acretin cream helps treat many skin problems that most people suffer from. Such as melasma, freckles, and skin darkening, in addition to treating acne and its annoying effects.

Also, this magical cream helps in raising the rate of freshness in the skin by stimulating it to increase the production of natural collagen. It helps us get rid of wrinkles and fine lines.

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Acretin whitening cream:

Acretin cream is used for whitening, as the areas to which this cream is applied for whitening varies.

The most prominent uses of this cream are for whitening the knees, hands and sensitive areas, and the methods of use and recipes vary according to the region.

1- Acretin hand cream:

The rate at which we use our hands is great and we rely on them so much for this reason. Hands are exposed to many harmful factors and we must take good care of them.

Where there are many problems that happen to our hands, most notably the appearance of wrinkles and large pores on the hands. In addition to the darkening and roughness of the hands with their extreme dryness.

In order to treat these problems, we advise you to use acretin cream, which exfoliates the dead skin and helps lighten the skin color and restore its vitality.

2- Acretin cream for whitening sensitive areas:

This cream is indicated in a specific concentration for the purpose of exfoliating sensitive areas. To find the effectiveness of the use of bleaching creams after peeling.

But we should not use acretin cream alone, but it is recommended to use it with a small and limited amount of cortisone. In order to protect the skin in these areas from irritation and sensitivity.

3- Acretin to whiten the knees:

The knees area is one of the areas where we suffer the most from darkening of the skin. For this reason, experts always advise exfoliating this area periodically and at regular intervals.

Acretin cream helps us exfoliate black knees and rejuvenate the skin. In addition to getting rid of dead skin, it also helps in lightening the color and getting rid of tan.

Acretin Cream with Panthenol:

Using acretin cream with panthenol helps us get rid of many skin problems. Some consider it one of the wonderful magic solutions, as the most prominent problems that the acretin mixture with panthenol addresses are:

1- Acretin contains Tretoin, which helps treat acne that many people suffer from. So that Acretin cream can treat medium and mild acne problem.

2- If we use the acretin mixture with panthenol, we will ensure that the skin is not irritated. After doing the peeling process, this is what we cannot control with other creams.

3- The mixture of acartin and panthenol also helps to get rid of the goose skin problem that many women suffer from.

4- The mixture of Acretin cream and Panthenol cream also helps us to get rid of skin wrinkles that appear on the face. In addition, it helps reduce expression lines in the face, which increase in severity with age.

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5- The mixture between Panthenol and Acretin helps to get rid of traces and scars left by grains, in addition to removing melasma and freckles.

How to use acretin with panthenol:

There are several sequential steps that we can follow in order to use acretin and panthenol, and these steps are:

1- In the beginning, we must wash the face using a suitable cleanser, then leave the face to dry for half an hour.

2- Then we apply an appropriate amount of Acretin cream on the grains or on the skin of the goose or the skin that we want to peel.

3- We leave the cream for an hour with a massage that helps the skin absorb the cream, then we do a good washing of the cream after the specified period has passed.

4- Here is the role of the Panthenol cream so that we put it on the skin gently and apply it in circular motions and leave it until the morning on the skin to do the washing.

My experience with acretin cream:

My experience with acretin cream started when I was advised by my pharmacist who told me it was the most popular cream for chemical peeling.

I hesitated at first, but I made my decision and said I will try this cream in the hope that I will find the right treatment for my skin problems.

My skin is very oily and I suffer from acne a lot and I also suffer from the problem of blackheads and I have a problem with excessive shine in the skin.

At first I did an allergy test to make sure it was acretin cream. It is suitable for my oily skin and to ensure that it will not cause any sensitivity or irritation.

I applied it to a small area of ​​my skin and there was no negative result. So I applied it all over my face and started my experiment with Acretin cream.

After a period of no more than forty-five days, I noticed that acretin cream did not only help me get rid of pimples. But it also helped me get rid of most of my skin problems, which is why I advise everyone who suffers from skin problems to use Acretin cream.

Contraindications to the use of acretin cream:

There are some warnings that we must take care of if we want to use this cream, and we mention the most prominent of these caveats:

1- This cream should not be used by any pregnant or breastfeeding woman because it negatively affects the fetus.

2- You should be careful and not use this cream if you are one of the people who are allergic to any of the ingredients of this cream.

3- During the period in which we use Acretin cream, it is not permissible to use hair removal methods. Using laser or wax because it causes a lot of damage.

4- The period for which we use this cream must be specified by a doctor or pharmacist. And it should not be for a long time as long-term use of the cream causes dryness of the skin and this is very harmful.

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In the end we can say that acretin cream It helps us get rid of many skin problems that we suffer from. But we must use it with caution so that we follow the instructions of the doctor or pharmacist who prescribes it for us.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you use moisturizer with Acretin?

Yes, we must use the moisturizer after using the keratin, which we can only put at night, and we must not be exposed to the sun when applying it, so that after using it we wash our face well and use a gentle moisturizer, which is better to be free of perfumes so as not to cause any irritation or sensitivity to the skin .

What does akertin cream for the face?

Acretin cream helps treat skin and skin problems that many women suffer from, and these problems cause embarrassment, knowing that treating them is not an easy thing.
Acretin cream helps to get rid of acne problems and saves us from the effects it leaves, as well as rids us of melasma and freckles, in addition to it helps us lighten the skin color and helps get rid of many annoying facial problems.

Do I sleep with acretin cream?

The way we use Acretin cream is to put it before bed in the evening in order to make sure that we are not exposed to light or sunlight, but we cannot sleep while it is on our skin.
Where we must apply it on our skin for a specific period of twenty to thirty minutes only, and we must adhere to the instructions of the doctor who prescribed this cream for us.