Abi Zaid al-Qayrawani

He is Abdullah Abu Muhammad bin Abd al-Rahman Abi Zaid al-Qayrawani. He was born in the city of Kairouan in Tunisia, in the year three hundred and ten AH. He is one of the senior jurists and scholars in the Maghreb. It is one of the four Sunni Islamic schools of thought; Al-Qayrawani died in the year three hundred and eighty-six AH. He was seventy-six years old at his death. He was buried in his home in Kairouan. In this article, we will introduce you to Abu Zaid al-Qayrawani.

The sheikhs and disciples of Abi Zayd al-Qayrawani

Al-Qayrawani studied at the hands of the great scholars of his time, such as: Muhammad bin Masrour Al-Hajam, Al-Assal, Abi Saeed bin Al-Arabi, Muhammad bin Al-Fath, and others. And to take knowledge and knowledge of him, as he had a prominent position in science, and a wide fame, so many students were taught by him, such as: Abu Al-Qasim Khalaf bin Abi Al-Qasim Al-Azdi, known as Al-Baradei; He is the author of the book Al-Tahdheeb and a preserver of the Maliki school of thought. Abu Bakr Ahmad al-Qayrawani; He is the sheikh of the Kairouan jurists of his time. Many students of knowledge in Andalusia also studied under him, including: Abu Abdullah Muhammad bin Yahya bin Ahmed bin Muhammad al-Tamimi, Abu Bakr Muhammad bin Wahb al-Qurtubi, known as al-Maqbari, and others.

The position of Abi Zaid al-Qayrawani

Al-Qayrawani is considered one of the great jurists of the Maliki school, and he was the imam of the doctrine in his time, and he is distinguished by being a collector and an interpreter of his sayings. The Imam of the Malikis in his time, and their example, a collector of Malik’s doctrine and an explanation of his sayings, and he was vast in knowledge, a lot of memorization and narration, and his books testify to him of that, he was eloquent with a statement and knowledge of what he says… He summarized the doctrine, and his composition filled the country), and Al-Hajjawi said about him in his book Al-Fikr Al-Sami: (He is considered one of the highest class of authors, and in my opinion he is more deserving of a hadith that God sends to this nation at the head of every hundred years who renews its religion for it).

Abu Zayd al-Qayrawani’s books

Al-Qayrawani wrote many books and letters on many topics such as jurisprudence, the principles of monotheism, and on the topics of responding to those who disobey the Sunnah, and others. His books amounted to about forty workbooks divided as follows:

  • Books, the most important of which are the following:
  • Messages: Among his most important messages:
  • Other works still exist in manuscript form in European, Moroccan and Turkish cabinets.
  • the message.
  • Al-Otaiba refinement.
  • Following the example of the people of the city.
  • Interpretation of prayer times.
  • In the merits of Ramadan and i’tikaaf.
  • Anecdotes and Extras.
  • Letter of giving kinship of zakat.
  • In the origins of monotheism.
  • To the people of recordmasa in the recitation of the Qur’an.
  • In the end controversy.
  • In response to the fatalism and contradicting the message of Al-Baghdadi Mu’tazili.
  • Good advice to the people of truth

Abu Zaid al-Qayrawani

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