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Sunday March 1, 2020

Abu Dhabi Health Authority denies having a case of corona in a residential complex in Emirate

The Department of Health in Abu Dhabi announced that what was circulated about presence of a case infected with “Covid 19” in one of residential compounds in emirate, incorrect data came from unofficial sources, while Ministry of Health and Community Protection is official body responsible for announcing confirmed infections, and Do it transparently.

The health authorities call on public to obtain local information and developments related to “Covid 19” virus from official sources, and to follow publications and updates issued by competent authorities, which will continue to deal in full transparency regarding health status developments and all efforts made to limit spread of virus, and also calls on public not to circulate rumors And verify credibility of source.

The health sector in Abu Dhabi, in cooperation with Ministry of Health and Community Protection, follows strict policies and procedures that are fully consistent with international standards adopted in dealing with epidemics and pandemics, including “Covid 19” virus.

The Department of Health in Abu Dhabi confirmed that it puts health and safety of all members of society at top of its priorities, and takes all possible measures to limit spread of “Covid 19” virus, and educate community about health status developments continuously and whenever necessary.

These include policies and procedures, preventive and precautionary measures to limit spread of virus, permanent monitoring of health situation in coordination with concerned authorities and partners in health sector, investigation and early warning systems for suspected cases, preparedness of medical teams around clock, provision of medical supplies, and channels of direct communication with public In cases of inquiries and emergencies, leading to principles of complete transparency in disclosure of developments in health situation, procedures for examining contacts, active investigation measures and precautionary quarantine, in line with best practices and highest level of standards The World Health Organization, in interest of safety and health of community members.

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